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France Travel Guide

France occupies a mythic place in the eurocentric consciousness. No country is more grand, opulent, dramatic, or tragic. It’s the idea of France and the French way of life that is ever enticing; life is full of adventure, passion, and love. The French appetite for living and living well is what enchants the rest of the world.

With diverse landscapes, medieval towns and abbeys, stunning architecture, high mountain ranges, dramatic coastlines, and never-ending lavender fields, France is perhaps the most majestic country in Europe.

Hikers flock to Chamonix each summer to hike the famous Tour du Mont Blanc, a 170 km (105 miles) long distance hiking trail, which circuits the Mont Blanc mountain range.

Our love affair with France began in Calanques National Park in Provence and continued in Brittany in the north.

Belvédère de Sugiton Viewpoint, Calanques, France

France Travel Map



French Alps


Calanques National Park


Calanque de Sormiou, Calanques, France

France Facts

Official Name | République française (French Republic)

Capital | Paris

Government | Unitary Semi-presidential Republic

Regions | Mainland France is divided into 13 administrative regions. France also has 5 overseas regions. 

Metropolitan Regions: (1) Grand Est, (2) New Aquitaine, (3) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, (4) Burgundy-Franche-Comté, (5) Brittany, (6) Centre-Val de Loire, (7) Île-de-France, (8) Occitania, (9) Hauts-de-France, (10) Normandy, (11) Pays de la Loire, (12) Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA), and (13) Corsica

Overseas Regions: (1) French Guiana, (2) Guadeloupe, (3) Martinique, (4) Mayotte, and (5) Réunion

Population | 67 Million

Official Language | French

Currency | Euro

Tipping Etiquette | Tipping isn’t obligatory in France. In a fine restaurant, you can tip up to 5% for exceptional service. In a casual dining setting, 1-3 EUR is sufficient.

Water Quality | Tap water is safe to drink throughout France.

Something Interesting | You can legally marry a dead person in France. If there is sufficient proof that the deceased had the intention of wedding their partner while alive, a French person can receive permission from the French president to marry posthumously.

French Proverb | On ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser des œufs, which means “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

Calanque d'en vau, Cassis, Calanques National Park, France

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