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22 Best Treks in Europe: Adventurous Multi-Day Hiking Trails

Trekking Europe has become our favorite pastime. Each year, we’re on a mission to hike more and write about all our favorite trails.

In this guide, we’ve compiled all our favorite treks in Europe. These treks are multi-day hikes ranging from 3 to 10 days. Most of these European treks are hut to hut, which means you’ll overnight in mountain huts along the way.

You’ll notice that most of these trails are not well known. Most round-ups of top treks in Europe include GR20, E5 European long-distance hiking trail, Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB), Walker’s Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt), Camino De Santiago Trail, and the Alta Via 1.

Our collection strays far off the beaten path to some of the most underrated and interesting hiking destinations in Europe. We have integrated the popular Tour du Mont Blanc and Alta Via 1 treks into our round-up as a difficulty reference.

Keep reading to discover the top treks in Europe, ranked easy to challenging. 

If you’re looking for fabulous day hikes in Europe, read Best Day Hikes in Europe.

Alpstein High Trail, best treks in Europe
  • When to Trek in Europe: The best time to embark on multi-day treks in the Alps and Nordic Europe is between mid/late June and mid/late September. The best time to hike around the Mediterranean and Southern Europe is in spring (March – May) and fall (Late September – Early November).
  • When to Book Treks in Europe: This varies depending on the popularity of the trek. If you want to hike the world-famous Tour du Mont Blanc, or Alta Via 1, it’s best to book these routes 6-8 months in advance. If you want to book a lesser-known trail, it’s usually possible to book a few months in advance (or even a few weeks in advance).
  • Hut to Hut Hiking versus Wild Camping: Wild camping is strictly forbidden in many places in Europe. So, the only way to hike long distances in certain countries (e.g. Austria and Slovenia) is to embark on a hut to hut hike.

Best Treks in Europe Map

In this map, color signifies difficulty.


Easy – Moderate

Moderately Difficult



Easy-Moderate Treks in Europe

1. Rota Vicentina Fisherman’s Trail, Portugal

Fisherman's Trail, Portugal

The Rota Vicentina Fisherman’s Trail is a 4-day trek along Portugal’s wild and undeveloped Vicentina Coast. The trail starts in Porto Covo in Alentejo and ends in Odeceixe in the Algarve.

Clinging to the coast almost the whole time, this thrilling multi-day hike gives you access to some of Portugal’s most remote beaches and cliffside villages.

Though camping in designated camping areas is possible, it’s not recommended. Most hikers will overnight in guesthouses and hostels along the route in the towns of Vila Nova de Milfontes, Almograve, Zambujeira do Mar, and Odeceixe.

If you’re just getting into multi-day hiking (and you’re ambivalent about shared rooms and rustic facilities), this is a perfect place to start. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the name of adventure. You get both. And, you can even get your luggage transferred between destinations. 

If you want to integrate this trek into a longer trip to Portugal, read our 2 week Portugal itinerary (no car needed).

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Porto Covo

Ending Point | Odeceixe

Duration | 4 Days

Distance | 75 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

When to Hike | Spring (April, May), or Fall (October, November)

Accommodation | Hostels, or Guesthouses. Camping is possible in designated camping areas.

Insider Tip | Make a reservation for dinner at Tasca do Celso before you arrive in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Learn More: Rota Vicentina Fisherman’s Trail

2. Emperor’s Crown Trail, Austria

Stripsenjochhaus, Wilder Kaiser, Austria

The Emperor’s Crown (Kaiserkrone) is a 5 stage hiking trail which circuits the Wilder Kaiser massif in Tirol, Austria. Unlike most of the Austrian hiking routes described in this post, the Emperor’s Crown isn’t high-alpine. The trail leads hikers largely through forests and across alpine pastures.

The 65-km trail traditionally starts at Aschingerkapelle, Going (Hüttling). However, if you’re traveling by transit, it’s far easier to start the route in Kufstein, which has direct train connections to Vienna, Innsbruck, and Salzburg. 

This is a really enjoyable hike with lots of variation in terms of scenery and terrain. You’ll stay overnight in two exceptional mountain huts (Gruttenhütte and Stripsenjochhaus) and two guesthouses (in Gasteig and Hintersteiner See lake) along the way. 

This is a perfect route for anyone new to multi-day hiking in Austria.

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending Point | Kufstein

Duration | 5 Days 

Distance | 65 km circuit

Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

When to Hike | June – Early October 

Accommodation | Mountain Huts and Guesthouses

Learn More: Emperor’s Crown Trek

3. High Tatras Hut-to-Hut Hike, Slovakia

Chata pri Zelenom plese, High Tatras Trek, Slovakia - Best Treks in Europe

The High Tatras are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains, stretching from Northern Slovakia into Southern Poland.

We hiked 4-days on the Slovakian side, starting in Tatranská Kotlina village and ending in Strbske pleso. We loved the alpine lakes, the cozy mountain huts, and the collective spirit on the trail.

Hikers – mostly Slovaks and Czechs – greet with a genuine smile and a cheerful Ahoj or Dobrý deň. We felt comfortable, welcome, and at ease every day of our trek. 

We especially relished the food, specifically the Halušky s bryndzou (potato dumplings with sheep cheese) and Buchty na pare (sweet steamed buns). 

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Tatranska Kotlina

Ending Point | Štrbské Pleso

Duration | 4 Days

Distance | 55 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

When to Hike | Mid-June – End of October. We recommend late June, September, or early October.

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Eat Ovocné gule (fruit balls with berries) at the Zamkovského chata mountain hut. 

Recommended Self-Guided Hiking Tour Operator | Our self-guided hut-to-hut hike was planned and organized by TravelSlovakia.Sk.

Learn More: Trekking in the High Tatras, Slovakia

4. Rätikon Alps High Trail Circuit, Austria and Switzerland

Carschinahütte - Cavelljoch - Schesaplanahütte trekking route in the Rätikon Alps, Swiss Alps

The Rätikon Alps are part of the Central Eastern Alps and form part of the natural border between Vorarlberg, Austria, and Graubünden, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

This range romances hikers with its shimmering limestone peaks, verdant slopes, active alpine pastures, and mountain lakes. It’s like a waking dreamland, almost too beautiful to be real. 

Our Rätikon Alp 4-day trekking itinerary follows the Rätikon Höhenweg Nord (North Rätikon High Trail) in Vorarlberg, Austria and the Prättigauer Höhenweg (Prättigau High Trail) in Graubünden, Switzerland. You’ll stay overnight in two nights Austrian mountain huts and two Swiss mountain huts.

Beginning at the majestic Lünersee (Lüner Lake), this trek starts out very gently. If you’re completely new to multi-day hiking, this is a great place to start.

There are no brutal ascents or descents. The only challenging section is the ascent from Schesaplanahütte to Schesaplana, the highest peak in the Rätikon. 

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending PointLünersee

Duration | 3 – 4 Days

Distance | 45 km circuit

Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

When to Hike | July, August, September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Eat homemade Apfelstrudel at Totalphütte on the last day of this trek.

Learn More: Rätikon Alps High Trail

5. Alta Via 1, Dolomites, Italy

Alta Via 1 Hiking Trail, Dolomites, Northern Italy

The Alta Via 1 (aka Dolomiten Höhenweg 1) is an easy, long-distance hiking trail in the Italian Dolomites, starting at Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee) in South Tyrol and ending at the La Pissa bus stop near Belluno.

This 120-km-long Dolomites high route is hiked north to south and generally broken up into 10 stages. Many hikers will hike the north route (4 stages), or the south route (6 stages). 

Trail Stats

Starting PointLago di Braies

Ending Point | Belluno (La Pissa bus stop)

Duration | 10 Days

Distance | 120 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

When to Hike | July, August, September 

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Book rifugios 6 months in advance. Get more tips in our Dolomites hut to hut hiking guide.

Recommended Self-Guided Hiking Tour Operator | Alpenventures UNGUIDED. Check out their slow-paced 13-Day AV1-13 Alta Via 1 Self Guided, moderately-paced 10-Day AV1-10 Alta Via 1 Self Guided, fast-paced AV1-7 Alta Via 1 Self Guided, and their short 4-Day AV1-4 Alta Via 1 Self Guided. They book all accommodations for you along the trail and you get to hike independently.

Learn More: Alta Via 1 Hiking Guide

6. Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy and Switzerland

Aosta Valley Mont Blanc Massif, Northern Italy

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a spectacular multi-day hike that circuits the Mont Blanc massif in usually 10-11 days covering a total distance of 170 km (105 miles). 

Traditionally, the Tour du Mont Blanc hike starts in Chamonix, France (Haute-Savoie).The trail circuits the Mont Blanc range counterclockwise, passing through Italy (Aosta Valley) and Switzerland (Valais) as well, before returning to France (Haute-Savoie). 

The Tour du Mont Blanc is not a hut-to-hut hike, though it’s possible to overnight in some mountain huts along the way. The trail crosses from one valley to another via high mountain saddles. Many TMB stages end in villages, where there are hotels, inns, and even apartments. During our trek, we stayed in 2 hotels, 2 gîtes (privately-owned, hostel-like accommodation), 3 mountain huts, 1 alpage (mountain pasture hut), and 1 apartment.

The TMB is a great introduction to multi-day hiking in the Alps. Though certainly a serious undertaking, the Tour du Mont Blanc largely follows easy-moderate, smooth, well-graded trails. If you’re new to long distance hiking in the mountains, then the Tour du Mont Blanc is an ideal place to start. 

Due to the popularity of the TMB, it’s important to start booking accommodations along the trail as early as January or February. The easiest way to book the Tour du Mont Blanc is with a trustworthy self-guided hiking tour operator. These companies design a TMB itinerary for you based on your preferences and priorities and book all your accommodations (and most of your meals) along the trail. Additionally, they provide maps, trekking guides with trail descriptions, and other perks as well. 

We booked this 10 Day Standard Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided (private and shared rooms) with Alpenventures UNGUIDED and had a seamless experience.

They also offer a 10 Day Comfort Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided (private rooms only) and 7 Day Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided (fast route with transit shortcuts). 

You can read more about our trek in Tour du Mont Blanc: Complete Guide to Hiking the TMB.

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending Point | Chamonix

Duration | 10 – 11 Days

Distance | 170 km circuit

Difficulty | Moderate

When to Hike | July, August, early September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts, Hotels, Gîtes

Moderately Difficult Multi-Day Hikes in Europe

7. Liechtenstein Panorama Trail, Liechtenstein

Pfälzer Hut, Rätikon Alps, Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein Panorama Trail (Liechtenstein Panoramaweg in German), aka Route 66, is a 42-47 km hiking trail in the Rätikon Alps in the Principality of Liechtenstein. 

Wedged between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is one of the 8 alpine states of Europe and the world’s sixth-smallest nation. 

The Liechtenstein Panorama Trail is a spine-tracing alpine path, which follows the Rätikon ridge that divides the Rhine Valley from Saminatal Valley and later Valünatal Valley. It’s an exciting, well-secured path with a great deal of variance: forest trails, meadow crossings, and alpine ridge paths. 

This moderately difficult mountain hike takes 3-4 days to complete. 

You can start the hike in either Ruggell (or Planken), or Malbun. We started the trek in the village of Planken, staying at Gafadura Hut, Hotel Turna Malbun, and Pfälzer Hut along the way. 

Despite being relatively short, this is an extremely memorable hike in the Alps. If you’re looking for something a bit off-the-beaten-path, consider trekking Route 66 in Liechtenstein. 

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Ruggell (or Planken)

Ending Point | Malbun

Duration | 3-4 Days

Distance | 42-47 km

Difficulty | Moderately Difficult

When to Hike | Late June – Late September (mid-October), depending on snow conditions.

Accommodation | Mountain Huts and Hotels

Insider Tip | Hike to Naafkopf peak for sunrise after staying the night in Pfälzerhütte.

Learn More: Liechtenstein Panorama Trail Hiking Guide

8. Ortler High Mountain Trail, Italy

Ortler High Mountain Trail, Ortler Alps, South Tyrol, Italy

The 120 km Ortler High Mountain Trail is a strenuous 7-day trek in South Tyrol and Lombardy in Northern Italy. This circular trekking route circumnavigates the Ortler Group, starting and ending in Stelvio Pass.

Named after the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps, Mount Ortler, the Ortler Group thrills with its many glaciers, towering mountains, narrow valleys and gorges, and bearded vultures. 

What surprised us most about the Ortler High Mountain Trail was the lack of foot traffic along the route. We were alone 95% of the time. If you’re seeking solitude in nature, definitely consider this Northern Italian trek. 

This trail requires a high level of fitness, given the long stages and the hefty elevation gain/loss required each day. Logistically, you also have to plan ahead. Stage 4 requires the assistance of a certified hiking guide to safely cross a glacier. 

For those that want to take in the highlights of the Ortler High Mountain Trail without the glacier crossing, check out our modified Ortler High Mountain Trail Trekking Guide. This softer route is only 3 days (5 days with arrival and departure).

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending Point | Stilfser Joch

Duration | 7 Days. We did a 3-day modified trek.

Distance | 120 km circuit

Difficulty | Difficult

When to Hike | July, August, September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts and Hotels. Camping is forbidden.

9. Montafon Hut-to-Hut Circuit, Austria

Silvretta Reservoir, Montafon High Trail, Austria

The Montafon hut-to-hut circuit (Montafoner Hüttenrunde) is a 13-stage hiking trail that traverses the mountain ranges around Montafon Valley in Vorarlberg.

With soaring 3000+ meter glaciated peaks, verdant river valleys, and idyllic alpine pastures, there’s something truly classic and quintessential about this European trek.

We hiked 5-stages of the route, starting at the Silvretta Bielerhöhe mountain pass (accessible by bus from Schruns) and ending in Latschau (Tschagguns). 

If you’re new to hut to hut hiking in Austria, read our comprehensive Austria hut to hut hiking guide.

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Silbertal, Montafon

Ending Point | Tschagguns-Latschau, Montafon

Duration | 13 stages which can be hiked in 11 days

Distance | 133 km u-shaped circuit

Difficulty | Moderate

When to Hike | July, August, September 

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Learn More: Montafon Hut-to-Hut Hiking Guide

10. Venediger High Trail, Austria

Venediger High Trail Stage 5, Hohe Tauern, Austria

The Venediger High Trail (Venediger Höhenweg) is a multi-day trek through the Venediger Group in Austria’s Hohe Tauern National Park.

This East Tyrolean hut to hut hike partially wraps around Grossvenediger, Austria’s second-largest mountain, delivering views of mammoth mountains, melting glaciers, and countless waterfalls. 

The scenery is impressive in a vast and bleak type of way. On some stages, it feels like you’re hiking into the heart of Mordor. On other days, you feel like you’re hiking on the spine of a dragon. 

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Virgental Valley

Ending Point | Gschlöß Valley

Duration | 6 Days

Distance | 56 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Moderately-Difficult 

When to Hike | July – mid-September 

Accommodation | Mountain Huts 

Learn More: Venediger High Trail Hiking Guide

Difficult Multi-Day Treks in Europe

11. Karwendel High Trail, Austria

Karwendel Mountains, Austria

The Karwendel High Trail in Tirol is one of the best hut-to-hut hikes in the Austrian Alps.

Each mountain hut (Hütte) along this route impressed us with their hospitality, cuisine (especially Pfeishütte, Solsteinhaus, and Nördlinger Hütte), and overall organization and communication. These huts are the crème de la crème of Tirol. 

In 6-days, hikers will conquer 63 km and 7000 meters of elevation gain/loss. You’ll walk along rivers, in forests, to peak summits, on balcony trails, and across mountain slopes.

The alpine views and wildlife sightings are consistently sublime. Walls of limestone tower above narrow forested valleys. Families of chamois gallop down slopes of scree. And, distant alpine ranges – Stubai Alps, Zillertal Alps, and the Wetterstein Mountains – entice you from afar.

When evaluating where we’ll take our friends on a hut-to-hut route, the Karwendel High Trail is always one of our top choices. 

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Scharnitz

Ending Point | Seefeld in Tirol

Duration | 6 Days

Distance | 63 km u-shaped circuit

Difficulty | Difficult

When to Hike | July, August, September 

Accommodation | Mountain Huts

Learn More: Karwendel High Trail

12. Schladminger Tauern High Trail, Austria

Klafferkessel, Schladminger Tauern High Trail

The Schladminger Tauern mountains are a subrange of the Austrian Central Alps and are located in the states of Salzburg and Styria (Steiermark).

Virtually unknown to anyone outside of the German-speaking world, this secret European hiking destination shouldn’t be overlooked. 

There are two compelling reasons why you should hike the 5-day Schladminger Tauern High Trail. First, alpine lakes. Along the Schladminger Höhenweg, you’ll pass numerous pristine alpine lakes including Giglachseen and Landwirseen.

The most impressive water-abundant destination along the route is Klafferkessel, a cirque containing more than 30 lakes. 

Second, cuisine. The food in the mountain huts is DELICIOUS, especially at Keinprechtshütte and Preintalerhütte.

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending PointSchladming

Duration | 5 Days

Distance | 45 km circuit

Difficulty | Difficult

When to Hike | July, August, September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Order Kaiserschmarrn at Keinprechtshütte.

Learn more: Schladminger Tauern High Trail

13. Triglav National Park Traverse, Slovenia

Triglav National Park, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Triglav National Park is the largest protected area in Slovenia and encompasses a huge chunk of the Julian Alps (Julijske Alpe). The park’s name is derived from the highest mountain in Slovenia, Mount Triglav (2864 m). 

Most hiking trails in Slovenia are LONG (e.g. Slovenia Mountain Trail, Juliana Trail) and require weeks to complete. So, we created this custom 4-day hut to hut hike that highlights the best of the Julian Alps in a condensed period of time.

You’ll see the high alpine plateau of Kriških podih, Mount Triglav, the Seven Lakes Valley, Luknja pass and the fairy tale pasture around Planini pri Jezeru. 

Though the length of the trail isn’t very long, the terrain is challenging at times and requires some scrambling and a head for heights.

In Slovenia, the line between “hiking” and “mountaineering” is somewhat blurred. In fact, hiking in Slovenia is more adventurous and challenging than anywhere else we’ve hiked in Europe.

If you’re interested in experiencing the rugged beauty of the Slovenian Alps, but would prefer a guided adventure, check out this 8-day Discover the Slovenian Alps small group hiking tour by Slotrips, an excellent Slovenian hiking tour operator. This guided hiking trip combines a 3-day hut-to-hut hike with several day hikes.

For more information about trekking in Slovenia, read our Slovenia Hut to Hut Hiking Guide.

Learn More: Triglav National Park Trek

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Vršič Pass, Kranjska Gora

Ending PointLake Bohinj

Duration | 4 Days

Distance | 45 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Difficult

When to Hike | July, August, September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Look for Edelweiss around Kriških podih, but remember picking wildflowers is illegal. 

How to Book The Triglav National Park Traverse

You can book this trek across the Julian Alps independently. All the huts are bookable online.

However, there are many benefits to booking this 7-day self-guided Crossing the Julian Alps hiking tour with Slotrips. It solves a lot of problems that people have when planning this point-to-point route: getting to the trailhead, extra luggage transfer (to the last night, not during the trek), and the option to climb Mount Triglav with a certified guide.

We know what people struggle with, because we’ve answered hundreds of emails about planning this trek over the years.

This self-guided hiking adventure follows the same exact route as our traverse, but starts in Planica, thus adding one more day to the trek. It included 1 night in a 3-star hotel in Ljubljana, before the trek starts, and 1 night in a 3-star hotel in Bled, at the end of the trek.

If you book this tour, you’ll get a transfer from Ljubljana to the starting point. Also, your extra luggage will be transferred from Ljubljana to Bled, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store your extra travel luggage.

One of the most compelling reasons to book the Crossing the Julian Alps trek is that you can add on the Mount Triglav summit with a IFMGA licensed mountain guide, who will also bring you all necessary via ferrata equipment.

14. Berlin High Trail, Austria

Berlin High Trail, Zillertal Alps, Austria

The Berlin High Trail showcases the best of the Zillertal Alps in Tirol. It’s an unforgettable adventure replete with challenging ascents and descents, rustic and grand mountain huts, and unforgettable glacier and lake views.

This high-alpine route takes 8 days, though you can easily customize the route for shorter periods of time. 

From the spellbinding views of the Schlegeisspeicher reservoir to the wine collection at Olpererhütte, this Austrian hut to hut hike is like no other.

This trail is best undertaken by experienced hikers, as there are some difficult secured passages along the route and some demanding descents. Though, no special equipment is needed. 

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Finkenberg, Mayrhofen

Ending PointMayrhofen

Duration | 8 Days

Distance | 86 km u-shaped circuit

Difficulty | Difficult

When to Hike | July – mid-September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Try to reserve a private room at Greizer Hütte, because the Lager (dormitory) is incredibly tight. 

Learn More: Berlin High Trail

Challenging European Treks

15. Kamnik-Savinja Alps Trek, Slovenia

Hiking the Spremova pot, Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Even lesser known than the Julian Alps, the Kamnik Alps are Central Europe’s best-kept secret.

This 4-day hut-to-hut hike across the Kamnik Alps is for hikers who crave something challenging and altogether adventurous. High alpine hiking experience is an absolute must, as this is a no-bullshit trek. 

If you want to take in the beauty of the Kamnik – Savinja mountains from a less precarious position, head to the divinely beautiful Logar Valley

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Kamniška Bistrica

Ending Point | Zgornje Jezerkso

Duration | 4 Days

Distance | 25 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Challenging

When to Hike | July, August, September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Your backpack should be on the smaller side. We recommend the Osprey Kyte 36 (for women) and the Osprey Kestrel 38 (for men).

Learn More: Kamnik Savinja Alps Trek

16. Eagle Walk Lechtal Alps, Austria

Hiking in the Austrian Alps, Austria

The Eagle Walk (Adlerweg in German) is a long-distance hut-to-hut hiking trail that traverses the Austrian State of Tirol in 33 stages (413 km), from East to West.

The most challenging and possibly the most rewarding stretch of the Adlerweg are the stages in the Lechtal Alps (stages 19-24), the longest range of the Northern Limestone Alps.

Highly experienced alpine hikers should consider this spectacular 6-day trek in Austria. 

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Boden

Ending Point | St. Christoph am Arlberg

Duration | 6 Days

Distance | 57 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Very Challenging 

When to Hike | July, August, September 

Accommodation | Mountain Huts 

Learn More: Hiking the Eagle Walk across the Lechtal Alps

Short 2 – 3 Day Treks in Europe

17. Alpstein High Trail, Switzerland

Schäfler mountain summit viewpoint, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

The Alpstein is a dramatic limestone massif in the Appenzell Alps in northeastern Switzerland. This U-shaped hiking route runs along the high trails of the Alpstein mountains, starting in Wasserauen and ending in Hoher Kasten, Brülisau. 

This adventurous high trail strings together the most iconic landscapes and attractions in Appenzellerland including Lake Seealpsee, the Aescher mountain inn, Ebenalp, the Schäfler mountain inn, the Schäfler ridge, the Altenalp Towers, Mount Säntis, Lisengrat ridge, the Rotsteinpass mountain inn, the Zwinglipass Hut, the Saxer Lücke saddle, the Kreuzberge viewpoints, Staubern mountain inn, and the Hoher Kasten summit. 

Exclusively following white-red-white trails, this alpine hike is a great option for surefooted, fit mountain hikers who enjoy ridge paths and limestone terrain (uneven surface, scree, loose rocks, etc…). 

If you’re eager to explore the Appenzell Alps on a longer hut-to-hut hiking tour, check out the Swiss Whiskey Trek (moderate), 8-Day Hut to Hut in Appenzell Alps Standard Itinerary (moderate), 6-Day Hut to Hut in Appenzell Alps Active Itinerary (difficult), and the 6-Day Easy Appenzell Alps Relaxed Itinerary (easy).

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Wasserauen

Ending Point | Hoher Kasten, Brülisau

Duration | 3 Days

Distance | 33.5 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Moderately Difficult

When to Hike | June – October

Accommodation |  Mountain Huts

Learn More: Alpstein High Trail

18. Picos de Europa Trek, Spain

Picos de Europa trek, Northern Spain itinerary

Picos de Europa National Park stretches across three regions in Northern Spain: Asturias, Cantabria, and León (Castile and León). 

It comprises the majestic Picos de Europa Mountains, a limestone mountain range composed of three massifs.

This underrated and unknown corner of Spain is defined by lunar alpine landscapes, deep verdant gorges, mixed leafy forests, charming rural villages, and sprawling mountain pastures. The landscapes are similar to those of the Northern and Southern Limestone Alps in Central Europe.

We recently embarked on a road trip around Picos de Europa, where we explored the park from several different gateways, including Poncebos, Potes, and Cangas de Onis. Our favorite part of the trip was hiking to Refugio Jou de los Cabrones (2034 m), the highest mountain refuge in Picos de Europa.

This demanding 2-day hike is a circular route that starts and ends in Bulnes village, accessible by funicular from Poncebos.  In only two days, you’ll get to experience the most remarkable and lonesome landscapes of the central massif of Picos de Europa.

Trail Stats

Starting/Ending Point | Bulnes, Poncebos

Duration | 2 Days

Distance | 20.6 km circuit

Difficulty | Difficult

When to Hike | Late May – October, depending on snow conditions

Accommodation | Refugio Jou de los Cabrones

Learn More: Refugio Jou de los Cabrones 2-Day Trek

19. Veliko Špičje and the Seven Lakes Valley, Slovenia

Triglav National Park Forest, Slovenia

Veliko Špičje (2398 m) is a peak in the Julian Alps in Slovenia. It’s the highest summit along the Špičje ridge, which rises between the Trenta Valley and the Seven Lakes Valley (aka Triglav Lakes Valley) in Triglav National Park.

The riveting Špičje ridge trail overwhelms with its lofty views, varied terrain, and carpets of Edelweiss flowers. It’s an adventurous hike that requires two days, with an overnight stay in a mountain hut. 

The 2-day hike starts at the Planina Blato mountain pasture, accessible from Stara Fužina (a village near Lake Bohinj). First you will hike along easy-moderate trails across various mountain pastures and patches of forests to the Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih (Triglav Lakes Mountain Hut). From the hut, the trail ascends 1.2 km up the valley until you reach the Veliko Špičje trail intersection. 

The trail steadily rises up this quiet path to the foot of the Veliko Špičje spur. It’s then a steep climb/scramble to the summit, followed by a long, exciting ridge trail. This only suitable for hikers who have no fear of heights.

Eventually, you’ll descend the ridge and cross a sea of karst pavement to the Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih mountain hut.

We recommend overnighting in Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih, and then descending the Seven Lakes Valley the next day.

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending Point | Planina Blato

Duration | 2 Days 

Distance | 28 km lollipop-circuit 

Difficulty | Difficult 

When to Hike | July, August, September 

Accommodation | Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih

Learn More: Veliko Špičje & Seven Lakes Valley

20. Mount Triglav, Slovenia

Mount Triglav, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Mount Triglav (2864 m) is the reigning symbol of Slovenia and of the Julian Alps.

Emblazoned on the national flag, the three-headed mountain serves as true north, orienting Slovenians to their mountains and forests.

There are several ascent routes to Mount Triglav: Krma Valley, Vrata Valley, Lake Bohinj, Seven Lakes Valley, Pokljuka. No matter where you start, the final stretch to the summit entails climbing a via ferrata route. We wrote a very detailed guide about the Pokljuka – Mount Triglav route.

The most frequently asked question we get is “can you recommend a guide for climbing Mount Triglav?” Yes, we can. We recommend booking the guided 3-day Best of the Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut with the Mount Triglav add-on (via ferrata equipment is provided). The local hiking tour operator Slotrips leads this hiking tour every Monday from July to September. This is a great option for solo hikers as well as friend groups and couples.

The benefit of this tour is that the standard route bypasses the summit of Triglav. So, if you’re traveling with someone who wants to experience a hut-to-hut hike in Slovenia, but not necessarily a via ferrata summit climb, they don’t have to.

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending Point | Rudno Polje, Pokljuka

Duration | 2 Days 

Distance | 26 km out-and-back

Difficulty | Difficult 

When to Hike | Late June/early July – September 

Accommodation | Mountain Hut

21. Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hut to Hut Hike, Dolomites, Italy

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hut to Hut Hike - Best Treks in Europe

This 3-day hut-to-hut hike in the Sexten Dolomites in Northern Italy expands on the popular Tre Cime di Lavaredo circuit trail.

Instead of driving directly to the famous three peaks, you’ll approach Tre Cime di Lavaredo from Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal valley.

On day 1, you can stay in either the Dreizinnenhütte or Rifugio Lavaredo. On day 2, you’ll stay in the small but splendid Büllelejochhütte. 

We hiked this route during our first trip to the Dolomites. Read our Dolomites itinerary to see how we integrated this 3-day trek into a 7-day road trip.

Trail Stats

Starting Point/Ending Point | Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal, Sesto/Sexten

Duration | 3 Days

Distance | 27 km circuit

Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

When to Hike | Late June – Late September

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Learn More: Trekking Tre Cime di Lavaredo

22. Rosengarten Catinaccio Traverse, Dolomites, Italy

Santner Via Ferrata, Rosengarten Traverse Trek, Dolomites, Italy

This 3-day trek across the Catinaccio/Rosengarten range takes in the stunning Vajolet Towers, the Santner Klettersteig (optional), and some of the most picturesque mountain huts in the Dolomites in northeastern Italy.

We’d label this trek as moderate (moderately difficult depending on experience), though it certainly encompasses some very easy stretches.

Each day is on the shorter side, so you have ample time to take breaks and savor the views along the way. You can also make this a 2-day trek, with one overnight in the Tierser Alpl Hut.

Trail Stats

Starting Point | Carezza/Karersee

Ending Point | Passo Sella/Sella Pass

Duration | 2-3 Days

Distance | 26 km point-to-point

Difficulty | Moderate

When to Hike | Mid-June – Mid-October (weather depending)

Accommodation | Mountain Huts. Camping is forbidden.

Insider Tip | Opt for half board at Rifugio Alpe di Tires/Tierser Alpl. 

Learn More: Rosengarten Dolomites Traverse

Europe Trekking Gear

Read our hut-to-hut hiking packing list to find out what to pack for multi-day hut treks.

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Overnight Essentials

Photography Gear

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Best Treks in Europe: Multi-Day Hiking Trails

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