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10 Best Hikes in Mallorca, Spain

The Balearic Island of Mallorca (also spelled Majora) is located in the Mediterranean Sea, between Ibiza and Menorca. It’s famous for its beach resorts, sheltered pine-fringed coves, serpentine roads, holm oak and pine forests, olive and citrus groves, and charming mountain villages. 

The Serra de Tramuntana mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dominate the entire west flank of Mallorca. It’s a rugged limestone mountain range which attracts hikers, cyclists, and climbers in spring and fall, when temperatures are mild and rainfall is minimal.

The best hiking trails in Mallorca are concentrated in the Tramuntana mountains. From Sant Elm on the south-west coast to Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of Mallorca, you’ll find a mix of both well-signed trails as well as unmarked trails. This Mallorca hiking guide only highlights trails that are signed and/or waymarked.

Mallorca offers remarkable trail variety: there are coastal trails, forest trails, mountain trails, and canyon trails. We were dazzled by the island’s lush scenery, picture-perfect coves and towns, and effortless charm. 

Cala Deià Hike, Mallorca

Mallorca Hiking Map

Getting around Mallorca

The most efficient way to travel between hiking destinations in Mallorca is with your own car.  To access the best hiking areas in Mallorca, follow this 7-Day Mallorca Road Trip.

We recommend using the car rental reservation platform to search for and book car rentals in Mallorca. This easy-to-use booking platform compares car rental deals from 500+ trusted providers, so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

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Mallorca Hiking Trails

1. Camí de Cala Bóquer

Camí de Cala Boquer Hike, Mallorca

Bordered by the hills of Serra del Cavall Bernat and Es Morral, the secluded Cala Bóquer cove is a stunning coastal destination for a short excursion in northwest Mallorca. 

The Camí de Cala Bóquer trail is a blissfully easy and straightforward hike through a nature reserve in the Formentor Peninsula.

You can start this hike anywhere in Port de Pollença, or at the Bóquer car park, just off the Ma-2200 highway (see map). 

At the car park, locate the “Camí de Cala Bóquer” trail sign and follow the wide gravel road north. Soon you’ll come to a black metal gate, which indicates that dogs, camping, and fires are strictly prohibited. 

Pass through the gate and walk to the estate building. After another gate, the trail leads to a striking rock formation and then continues to Vall de Bóquer valley. The valley trail is mostly level and lined with dwarf fan palm and rosemary. You’ll see and hear goats everywhere. 

Several footpaths etch the valley, none particularly better than the other. 

As you approach the coast, the trail divides at Coll de Moro. The left path leads to Cala Bóquer beach and the right path to the cliff edge. We recommend taking the right trail to the cliff edge for spectacular coastal views. 

From the lookout area, there are several paths which lead to the pebbly beach of Cala Bóquer. These paths are not manicured, so expect some loose rock and thicker vegetation. 

From the beach, continue up the valley to Coll del Moro and back to the estate and car park. 

Camí de Cala Bóquer Trail Stats

Trailhead | Port de Pollença, or Boquer car park | Google Maps

Distance | 5.6 km out-and-back

Time Needed | 1:45 – 2:00 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 150 meters

Difficulty | Easy

Where to Stay in Port de Pollença | Hotel Eolo (budget), Hotel Hoposa Bahía (midrange), Hoposa Pollentia – Adults Only (luxury) or Hotel Illa d’Or (luxury)

2. Cúber Reservoir Circuit Trail

Cúber Reservoir Circuit Trail, Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca

Some of the very best hikes in Mallorca begin at Cúber Reservoir, including the Tossals Verds Circuit Trail, the Puig de l’Ofre peak hike, and the point-to-point Cúber-Biniaraix Gorge-Soller hike.

If you’re venturing up to Cúber, we highly recommend doing one of those trails. 

However, if you’re traveling with very small children, or you’re driving the scenic Ma-10 road, you can also walk the flat and easy circuit trail around Cúber.

The views are wonderful and you get a really good sense of what the Tramuntana mountains are like: the limestone terrain, the vegetation, the roaming sheep, the holm oak trees, etc… 

Cúber Reservoir Circuit Trail Stats

Trailhead | Cúber Reservoir Car Park | Google Maps

Distance | 4 km circuit 

Time Needed | 1:00 – 1:30 hours 

Elevation Gain/Loss | Minimal

Difficulty | Easy

Where to Stay in Fornalutx | Can Pera Accommodation – TI (midrange), or Hotel Apartament Sa Tanqueta De Fornalutx (luxury)

Where to Stay in Sóller | Hostel Sóller – Albergue Juvenil (budget), Hotel El Guía (midrange), Ecocirer Healthy Stay (vegan boutique B&B), or Finca Ca’s Curial – Agroturismo – Adults Only (luxury)

3. Deià – Cala Deià – Cala Llucalcari

Cala Deià coastal hike, Mallorca

Deià is a charming village in the central Tramuntana Mountains between Valldemossa and Sóller. 

The village center is bisected by the Ma-10 road and is thus really busy and congested. 

One of the best ways to get a feeling for the town and area is by hiking down to the scenic Cala Deià. 

Before reaching the beach at Cala Deià, a trail branches off to the right and continues along the coast to Cala Llucalcari. 

It’s an undulating and sometimes rugged path. Hiking boots are a must. 

Cala Deià – Cala Llucalcari Trail Stats

Trailhead | Deià | Google Maps

Distance | 7.5 km out-and-back 

Time Needed | 2:45 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 211 meters

Difficulty | Easy – Moderate

Where to Stay in Deià | Hostal Villa Verde-Adults Only (budget), Hotel y Apartamentos DES PUIG (midrange), or Hotel Es Molí (luxury) 

4. Castell d’Alaró 

Castell d'Alaró Hike, Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca

Strategically positioned atop Puig d’Alaró peak, Castell d’Alaró is a stone castle ruin dating back to before 902.

The castle complex consists of a fortress wall, entrance gate and tower. From the castle and summit, there are sweeping views of the Tramuntana Mountains. 

The hike to Castell d’Alaró starts in Orient near L’Hermitage Hotel & Spa. After hiking through an idyllic olive grove with roaming sheep, the trail ascends through a forest to the forested plateau of Pla des Pouet.

From here, you’ll continue ascending the forest along a mostly cobbled path. The final leg to the castle follows a dramatic ledge

You can return to Orient along the same route, or integrate the circuit trail to Es Verger Restaurant

Castell d’Alaró Trail Stats

Trailhead | L’Hermitage Hotel & Spa, Orient | Google Maps

Distance | 8 km lollipop-circuit 

Time Needed | 3 hours 

Difficulty | Moderate

Elevation Gain/Loss | 540 meters

Where to Stay in Orient | Finca Hotel Son Palou (luxury) or L’Hermitage Hotel & Spa (luxury)

Where to Stay in Bunyola | Es Corte Vell – Adults Only (midrange)

Learn More: Castell d’Alaró Trail Guide

5. Cúber to Puig de l’Ofre

Puig de l'Ofre peak hike, Mallorca

Puig de l’Ofre (1093 meters) is a cone-shaped peak in the central Tramuntana Mountains.

This straightforward hike follows the GR 221 around Cúber Reservoir and then up a river valley to the Coll de l’Ofre Saddle. 

The hike ventures off the GR 221 to Coll de Poma, where the ascent to Puig de l’Ofre begins. The trail to the summit isn’t formally marked, but nonetheless clear.

Follow a series of cairns up a steep forest path to the ridge. Once you crest the ridge, it’s a 2 minute hike to the summit. 

Atop Puig de l’Ofre, heart-expanding views of the Cúber Reservoir, Puig Major, and Cornador Gran await you. 

Puig de l’Ofre Trail Stats

Trailhead | Cúber Reservoir Car Park | Google Maps

Distance | 11.5 km out-and-back

Time Needed | 3:30 – 4 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 430 meters

Difficulty | Moderate

Where to Stay in Fornalutx | Can Pera Accommodation – TI (midrange), or Hotel Apartament Sa Tanqueta De Fornalutx (luxury)

Where to Stay in Sóller | Hostel Sóller – Albergue Juvenil (budget), Hotel El Guía (midrange), Ecocirer Healthy Stay (vegan boutique B&B), or Finca Ca’s Curial – Agroturismo – Adults Only (luxury)

Learn More: Puig de l’Ofre Trail Guide

6. Mirador d’en Josep Sastre and the La Trapa Ruins

Mirador d’en Josep Sastre and La Trapa Ruins Hike, Mallorca

La Trapa was a monastery, established by Trappist Monks, who fled France for Mallorca in the 19th century.

Though the monastery is in ruins, it attracts thousands of visitors each year, because of its impressive cliffside viewpoint of Sa Dragonera Island. 

The out-and-back hike from Coll de Sa Gramola to Mirador d’en Josep Sastre and La Trapa is a stunning route which ties together several gorgeous viewpoints and the steep cliffs of Mallorca’s southwest coast.

The trail passes through a private game reserve, so dogs must be leashed and you must stay on the trail at all times. 

Mirador d’en Josep Sastre – La Trapa Ruins Trail Stats

Trailhead | Coll de Sa Gramola | Google Maps

Distance | 14.3 km out-and-back

Time Needed | 4 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 496 meters

Difficulty | Moderate 

Where to Stay in ​​Port d’Andratx | Hostal Catalina Vera (budget)

Where to Stay in Calvià | Fincahotel Can Estades (midrange)

Where to Stay in Sant Elm | Hostal Dragonera (budget)

Learn More: La Trapa Viewpoint Hike

7. Archduke’s Trail (Camí de s’Arxiduc)

Path of the Archduke, Mallorca

The Archduke’s Trail (Camí de s’Arxiduc) is a high-mountain trail in the Tramuntana mountains between Valldemossa and Deià.

There are a few ways to access Camí de s’Arxiduc. We opted for the Muntanya del Voltor ascent route, starting in Valldemossa (free permit needed). 

Starting at the very end of Carrer de les Olivers street in Valldemossa, the circuit trail initially ascends a thick holm oak forest to the Mirador de Ses Puntes viewpoint overlooking the northwest coast.

The path continues to the unmanaged Caseta de s’Arxiduc stone hut and down to the Coll de Son Gallard saddle. 

From Coll de Son Gallard, the trail continues over a stile and joins the Archduke’s Trail. Once on the Camí de s’Arxiduc, you’ll continue ascending above the treeline to a panoramic ridge.

This marks the beginning of the best part of the hike. Atop the mountains dividing Valldemossa from Deià, the beautifully-engineered Archduke’s trail follows the ridge and crosses the Tramuntana mountains east. The views are wonderful and the trail is mostly flat. 

Ultimately, the trail loops south and you’ll descend to Es Cairats valley in Valldemossa.

Camí de s’Arxiduc Trail Stats

Trailhead | Valldemossa | Google Maps

Distance | 14 km circuit

Time Needed | 4:30 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 695 meters

Difficulty | Moderately Difficult 

Where to Stay in Valldemossa | Ca’s Papà (budget), Es Petit Hotel De Valldemossa (midrange), or Hotel Valldemossa (luxury)

Learn More: Path of the Archduke Hiking Guide

8. Tossals Verds Circuit Trail

Tossals Verds Circuit Trail, Tramuntana, Mallorca

Puig des Tossals Verds (1118 m) is a mountain close to Sa Rateta, Puig Major, and Serra des Teixos. 

A very satisfying circuit trail loops around Puig des Tossals Verds, following the GR 221 almost the whole way. 

We loved this trail because it’s scenically varied. The trail meanders between beautiful limestone mountains, above narrow gorges, through olive groves and oak forests, and along a long water canal. 

Starting near the Cúber Reservoir, the trail first ascends to Coll de sa Coma des Ases. From the saddle, the trail descends across a stunning high valley towards the Torrent d’Almedra stream/gorge.

It continues to the managed Refugio Tossal Verds and up through an olive grove and oak forest to Coll des Coloms.

The final leg follows the Canal des Embassaments water canal all the way back to the Cúber bus stop/car park. 

Tossals Verds Circuit Trail Stats

Trailhead | Cúber Reservoir Car Park | Google Maps

Distance | 11.4 km circuit

Time Needed | 4:30 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 511 meters

Difficulty | Moderate – Moderately Difficult 

Where to Stay in Fornalutx | Can Pera Accommodation – TI (midrange), or Hotel Apartament Sa Tanqueta De Fornalutx (luxury)

Where to Stay in Sóller | Hostel Sóller – Albergue Juvenil (budget), Hotel El Guía (midrange), Ecocirer Healthy Stay (vegan boutique B&B), and  Finca Ca’s Curial – Agroturismo – Adults Only (luxury)

Learn More: Tossals Verds Circuit Trail

9. Talaia d’Alcúdia and Platja des Coll Baix Circuit Trail 

Platja des Coll Baix viewpoint, Mallorca

Talaia d’Alcúdia is the highest point of the Alcúdia Peninsula in Northern Mallorca. 

This stunning circuit trail ascends from Ermita de la Victoria to Talaia d’Alcúdia peak and descends all the way down to the remote Platja des Coll Baix beach.

There are stellar views of Pollença Bay, Alcúdia Bay, the Formentor Peninsula and Serra de Tramuntana range throughout. 

The trail continues through forests and gorges all the way back to Ermita de la Victoria. 

Talaia d’Alcúdia and Platja des Coll Baix Circuit Trail Stats

Trailhead | Ermita de la Victoria | Google Maps

Distance | 12.5 km circuit 

Time Needed | 4:45 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 720 meters

Difficulty | Moderately Difficult 

Where to Stay in Alcúdia | ARA Alcudia (midrange), Can Tem Turismo de Interior (midrange), Forum Boutique Hotel & Spa – Adults Only (luxury)

Where to Stay in Port de Pollença | Hotel Eolo (budget), Hotel Hoposa Bahía (midrange), Hoposa Pollentia – Adults Only (luxury), or Hotel Illa d’Or (luxury)

Learn More: Talaia d’Alcúdia and Platja des Coll Baix Hike 

10. Cornador Gran

Cornador Gran Peak Hike, Mallorca

Towering above Sóller Valley, Cornador Gran (956 meters) is a distinctly eye-catching peak in the Tramuntana Mountains. 

The hike to Cornador Gran starts in the hamlet of Biniaraix, 2 kilometers from Sóller. It follows the GR 221 Dry Stone Route up the Biniaraix Gorge (Barranc de Biniaraix). 

To reach the summit, hikers cross the Torrent del’Ofre stream and ascend a final 260 meters to the peak. 

Cornador Gran Trail Stats

Trailhead | Biniaraix, near Sóller | Google Maps

Distance | 11.8 km out-and-back

Time Needed | 5 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 1150 meters

Difficulty | Moderately Difficult 

Where to Stay in Fornalutx | Can Pera Accommodation – TI (midrange), or Hotel Apartament Sa Tanqueta De Fornalutx (luxury)

Where to Stay in Sóller | Hostel Sóller – Albergue Juvenil (budget), Hotel El Guía (midrange), Ecocirer Healthy Stay (vegan boutique B&B), or Finca Ca’s Curial – Agroturismo – Adults Only (luxury)

Learn More: Cornador Gran Day Hike

More Hikes in Mallorca

We also hiked these trails in Mallorca:

  • Volta des General – Camí de Baix
  • Cala en Gossalba and Fumat, Cap de Formentor 
  • Puig d’en Farineta, Cap de Formentor 
  • Cala Portals Vells to Far de Cala Figuera 
  • Hotel Continental – Can Costa – Casa de s’Estaca 
  • Cala Pi Coastal Hike

Where to Stay in Mallorca for Hiking

Deià, Mallorca

The best base for hiking in Mallorca is Sóller. If you have sufficient time, we recommend dividing your time between two, or even three destinations.

Northwest (Central Tramuntana Mountains): Sóller, Port de Sóller, Valldemossa, or Deià

North: Port de Pollença

Southwest: Sant Elm, Calvià, or Port d’Andratx


Sóller is located in a bowl-shaped valley in the central Tramuntana Mountains. It’s the ultimate base for hiking in Mallorca. During your stay, we recommend prioritizing the Barranc de Biniaraix – Cornador Gran peak hike, Puig des Tossals Verds circuit trail, and Cúber to Puig de l’Ofre peak hike. 

Sóller is situated 3 km inland from the coast and Port de Sóller, which means that the coast is just a short drive, or bus ride away. 

Beyond its fantastic location, Sóller is a delightful and vibrant town with no shortage of cafés, gelaterias, restaurants, bars, and shops. Head to the atmospheric main square of Plaza de la Constitución, next to Sant Bartomeu church, for an Aperol, coffee, or El Petit’s very tempting Sóller Bomb (orange juice with ice cream). 

Hotel on-site parking is rare. We recommend reaching out to your accommodation in advance to inquire about parking. Some hotels offer paid parking in a location nearby. A lot of people park on the main road ma-11, just outside town, and walk in. The estate hotels outside of town have on-site parking.

Look for accommodation in Sóller.

Budget Accommodations

Budget | Hostel Sóller – Albergue Juvenil is a charming and clean hostel and bar in Sóller perfect for trekkers and backpackers. Double rooms and dormitory beds are available. Breakfast available (7 EUR). Note: if you’re staying in the dormitory rooms, you can either sleep in your own sleeping bag or rent sheets for 5 EUR. 

Midrange Accommodations

Midrange | Hotel El Guía is a small (24 rooms), traditional Mallorcan hotel and restaurant set in the old town of Sóller, a short walk to Plaça de sa Constitució Square. It’s possible to book a parking space (10 EUR/day) in advance. 

Midrange | Ca’n Abril is a cheerful, family-run guesthouse in Sóller. This top-rated accommodation stands out with its central location, kind and personable service, and the plentiful and generous breakfast, served in the local bakery. They offer paid parking in a nearby car park on a first come, first served basis 

Midrange-Luxury | Designed with imagination and great attention to detail, the family-run Ecocirer Healthy Stay is an intimate boutique hotel with six rooms in Sóller. A nutritious, homemade, vegan and vegetarian-friendly breakfast is served daily. Private parking is available nearby with reservation (8 EUR/day). 

More midrange options: Soller PlazaCasa Bougainvillea, and  Hotel Ca’l Bisbe

Luxury Accommodations

Luxury | Finca Ca’s Curial – Agroturismo – Adults Only is an estate hotel surrounded by citrus groves just outside the town center of Sóller. Guests love the secluded location, extensive grounds, spacious rooms, swimming pool and poolside honesty bar. Breakfast is included and on-site parking is free. 

Luxury | Owned by the same family for 750 years, Finca Cas Sant is a historic estate in Sóller, set on gorgeous grounds, walking distance to the old town of Sóller. Finca Cas Sant offers 13 rooms and suites, two seasonal swimming pools, and free parking. 

More luxury options: Hotel L’Avenida and Ca’s Xorc Luxury Retreat

Port de Pollença

Port de Soller Sunset, Mallorca

Port de Pollença (Puerto de Pollensa) is a pretty seaside town situated on the Bay of Pollença in Northern Mallorca. It’s one of the best places to stay on the island, because you have access to both the sea and the mountains.

The Tramuntana Mountains and Cap de Formentor form the backdrop of this lovely destination, making it the perfect destination for swimming, cycling, and hiking. 

During your stay, we recommend hiking to Cala Boquer along the easy Camí de Cala Boquer trail. You can also spend a full day exploring the secluded coves and popular viewpoints of Formentor Peninsula.

And, while in the north, take a day trip to Alcúdia peninsula to hike the Talaia d’Alcúdia Circuit Trail and to visit the historic, walled city of Alcúdia. 

Hotels in Puerto de Pollensa do not have on-site parking, only free streetside parking.

Budget | Hotel Eolo is a seafront hotel in Port de Pollença, situated just across from the port. Rooms are small, but spotless. Stay here for the central location, excellent breakfast, bike storage, and friendly staff. 

More budget options: Hotel Villa Singala and Mar Calma Hotel

Budget-Midrange | The lovely Hoposa Bahia, a converted 19th century summer house, is situated on the Puerto Pollensa promenade, just a few steps away from the beach. Stay here for the outstanding beachfront breakfast, the sea views, and the proximity to Playa Puerto de Pollensa. 

Midrange | La Goleta Hotel de Mar – Adults Only is a cheerful and modern seafront hotel with a fabulous rooftop area with plunge pool and great breakfasts. Welcome extras included beach towels, secure storage, tools and washing area for cyclists. 

Luxury | Hoposa Pollentia – Adults Only is a boho chic beachfront hotel, situated just south of the town center (10-15 minute walk). Designed to impress, this stylish hotel flaunts a seafront outdoor lounge and bar, rooftop terrace and fresh water pool, beautiful breakfast room, and lovely albeit small rooms. Guests enjoy the atmosphere, quiet location, and rich breakfast. You can also eat dinner here. 

More Luxury options: Hotel Illa d’Or & Club Apts 4* Sup and Hotel Llenaire

Look for accommodation in Port de Pollença

Learn More: Where to Stay in Mallorca

When to Hike in Mallorca

Alcúdia Peninsula, Mallorca

The hiking season is October – May.

Though, the best time to hike is in Spring (April – May) and Fall (October – November). Summer is not recommended because of the heat. 

Related: April in Mallorca

Trail Navigation 

Mallorca has both signed routes and completely unmarked routes. When we first arrived, we struggled on several hikes, because waymarks were either scarce or completely nonexistent.

So, we made a concerted effort to just select well-marked and well-signed routes. This guide only recommends such routes, because we don’t want anyone to feel lost, or confused about where to go. 

That being said, it’s important to use a mobile trail app, so you can navigate with greater confidence. At times, it can be easy to go off trail, because there are lots of divergent paths and goat paths. 

Trail Signage and Waymarking in Mallorca

Trails are signed with wooden trail signs and direction posts. Sometimes, paths are also marked with cairns and splashes of paint (red or blue). 

Trail signage and waymarking isn’t consistent across Mallorca. 

Some trails are very well-signed and others are not at all. 

Mallorca Hiking Terrain and Difficulty 

The best hikes in Mallorca are concentrated in the Serra de Tramuntana, a limestone mountain range. The terrain is sometimes very rough, rocky, and uneven. It’s important to walk slowly and carefully. Some hikes even require some scrambling. 

It’s very similar to hiking in the Southern/Northern Limestone Alps in mainland Europe. If you have experience hiking in limestone/karst terrain, then the hiking in Mallorca is very moderate.

However, if you’re not accustomed to hiking in limestone mountains, then it’s an adjustment. You have to be extra cautious, because of the rugged nature of the rocks. Hiking poles like Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles are tremendously helpful.

Words to Know for Hiking in Mallorca

Ruta de Pedra en Sec – Dry Stone Route (GR 221)

Camí – trail

Coll – col or saddle, low point on a ridge between two peaks 

Torrent – stream

Vall – valley

Pla – plain

Embassament – reservoir 

Font – spring, or fountain

Puig – peak 

Prohibit pasar / Prohibido el paso – passage forbidden

Vedat privat de caça / Coto privado de caza – private hunting area

Coto de Caza – hunting ground, or game reserve 

Caça major – big game hunting

No Sortiu del Camí – do not leave the trail 

Seguiu el cami – follow the path

Refugi di Fauna – wildlife refuge 

Aparcament – car park

No llevar perros sueltos – dogs must be leashed

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