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Where to Stay in the Dolomites in 2024: 8 Best Areas

Finding out where to stay in the Dolomites is the most important decision when planning a trip to this region of Northern Italy.

The best places to stay in the Dolomites are Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Cortina d’Ampezzo, San Martino di Castrozza, Alta Pusteria, and Val di Funes. Other notable bases are Alpe di Siusi, Val d’Ega, and Val di Fassa.

The best way to structure a trip to the Dolomites is to choose two or three bases and divide your time equally across the bases.

For example, if you’re planning a one week trip to the Dolomites, spend 3 nights in Val Gardena (or Alta Badia) and the other 3 nights in Cortina d’Ampezzo (or Alta Pusteria). If you have more time, add 2-3 nights in San Martino di Castrozza and/or Val di Funes.

If you’re planning a shorter trip to the Dolomites (3-4 nights), we recommend choosing a single base to explore like Val Gardena, or Cortina d’Ampezzo. Many Dolomites accommodations have a minimum stay requirement of 2-5 nights.

So, it’ll be easier to plan your trip, if you stay in fewer accommodations for longer periods of time.

When you start planning your Dolomites trip, we know that the planning process can feel both intimidating and bewildering. The Dolomites are made up of 26 mountain ranges that stretch across three Northern Italian regions: Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige/Südtirol, and Friuli Venezia Giulia. What do you prioritize?

If you’re trying to figure out the best places to stay in the Dolomites in summer or early fall, or where to base yourself for a hiking-themed holiday, we’re here to help. We’ve outlined our favorite Dolomites destinations and accommodations, based on ten independent trips

As you read this guide, you’ll notice multiple names for the same destination. Historically home to the Ladin people and previously part of Austria (prior to World War I), places in South Tyrol have three names: the Italian name, the German (Austrian) name, and the Ladin name.

For example, the town of Ortisei in Val Gardena is also called St. Ulrich (German name) and Urtijëi (Ladin name).

Also, check out Best Hotels in the Dolomites for a round-up of our favorite hotels, ranging from affordable 3-star to luxurious 4-star superior hotels. 

Alta Badia Hill, Dolomites
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: Many accommodations have a minimum stay requirement in high season. Usually it’s between 2-4 nights, but it can be longer.
  • Spa Facilities: In our experience, spa usage is always included in the room rate in hotels in South Tyrol. Contrarily, in Belluno and Trentino, wellness areas are often an extra charge.
  • Sauna Etiquette: In South Tyrol, expect mixed, textile-free saunas. That means no bathing suit. You can read our guide to Austrian Thermen to aquaint yourself with sauna etiquette in the German-speaking world.
  • Half Board: Most hotels offer half board (breakfast and dinner). Take advantage of this offering whenever you can.
  • Tea Kettles and Coffee Makers: It is not a standard practice to provide tea kettles in rooms. English speakers tend to expect this, but it’s not usual in the Alps. Complimentary tea is often provided in spa areas.
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Best Places to Stay in the Dolomites Map

How to use this map | Click on each accommodation icon to display further information. Each color signifies a different Dolomites destination.

Best Bases in the Dolomites: Quick Overview

Where to Stay in the Dolomites Map: best areas, towns, accommodations

1. Cortina d’Ampezzo is blessed with a dramatic setting in the Ampezzo Valley in Belluno. This is one of the most scenic towns in the Dolomites, because it’s encircled by soaring peaks, each uniquely beautiful. Most hikes around Cortina do not require cableways. However, a rental car is essential in getting around, especially if you’re visiting outside of high season. There is a bus transit system in place, but it’s not as robust, or as understandable as neighboring South Tyrol’s transit.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is the best base for hiking to Lake Sorapis, Lake Federa and the Croda da Lago Chain, Tofana di Rozes, the Cristallo Group, the Mondeval Plateau and Lago delle Baste, Cinque Torri and Rifugio Nuvolau, and the Sexten Dolomites (Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Cadini di Misurina).

2. Val Gardena is that valley that stretches from Gardena Pass and Sella Pass to Valle Isarco in South Tyrol. This is the best place to stay in the Dolomites if you’re traveling without a car. The top attractions in Val Gardena are Seceda, Alpe di Siusi, the Sassolungo Group, the Resciesa plateau, Vallunga and Val de Chedul valleys, and the Sella Group. Val Gardena’s summer season is very long, compared to other Dolomites regions. It can start as early as late May and end as late as early November. The main villages in Val Gardena are Ortisei, Santa Cristina, and Selva. The only downside of Val Gardena is that it gets congested in high season. We prefer traveling here without a car, or coming in September, or October.

3. Alta Badia is wedged between the Puez-Odle Nature Park, Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park, and Sella Group in South Tyrol. Alta Badia boasts a high concentration of Michelin star restaurants and wellness hotels (e.g. Badia Hill, Hotel Cristallo, and Hotel Kolfuschgerhof). If you’re looking for a luxurious holiday in the Dolomites, start your trip here. Alta Badia is also a favorite base among cyclists. The main villages in Alta Badia are Corvara, Colfosco, San Cassiano, La Villa, and Badia. This dreamy paradise also has excellent transit. Budget options are hard to find.

4. Alta Pusteria is the Dolomites region surrounding Upper Puster Valley in South Tyrol. This is the gateway to the Northern Sexten Dolomites (Val Fiscalina, Val Campo di Dentro, and Tre Cime di Lavaredo) and the Northern Braies Dolomites (Lago di Braies and Prato Piazza). The main villages in Alta Pusteria are Dobbiaco/Toblach, San Candido/Innichen, and Sesto/Sexten. Hochpustertal boasts a high concentration of top attractions. To combat overtourism, local authorities have introduced traffic regulations in summer. That means that you have to either get to trailheads early to avoid the restrictions, or pre-book parking, or transit to some destinations (e.g. Lago di Braies).

5. San Martino di Castrozza is an alpine resort town in Primiero valley in Trentino. This is the best base for hiking in Pale di San Martino, the largest (and possibly the most magnificent) mountain group of the Dolomites. Stay here to experience the beauty of Val Venegia, Baita Segantini, and the moon-like Pale di San Martino plateau. San Martino di Castrozza offers more budget-friendly accommodations comparatively. The summer season is shorter here, ending in mid-September. Also, compared to the other Dolomites regions, the hotels are not as fine.

6. Val di Funes is the valley that runs from Valle Isarco to the base of the Odle/Geisler Group. This is one of the most picturesque and heavenly destinations in the Dolomites. Though most people only visit for a few hours, it’s totally worth staying several nights here to hike the Adolf Munkel Trail, Tullen Peak, Rifugio Genova, and Sass de Putia. We recommend staying in Santa Maddalena.

7. Alpe di Siusi is the largest mountain pasture in Europe and a vast plateau which stretches between the Sassolungo Group and the Sciliar Group, high above Val Gardena. Alpe di Siusi is an unforgettable place to stay when you want to be surrounded by romantic scenery far away from the madding crowds (at least in the early morning and evening). Stay here for unhurried exploration and special occasions (honeymoons, anniversaries, etc…). This is not a great base for restless travelers.

8. Val d’ Ega is the valley between the Catinaccio/Rosengarten Group and Latemar Massif. Stay here if you want to visit Lake Carezza and hike to the Vajolet Towers. If you’re not interested in either of those destinations, skip Val d’Ega. The main village in Val d’Ega is Nova Levante. Several years ago, Val d’Ega was devastated by a storm. Unfortunately, the landscape suffered tremendously and it will take years for the forests to grow back.

1. Cortina d’ Ampezzo, Belluno

Cortina d’Ampezzo is the best place to stay in the Dolomites if you want a vibrant town atmosphere along with access to some of the most celebrated Ampezzo Dolomites attractions.

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomites

Where is Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo is a town and commune in province of Belluno in the Veneto Region of Northern Italy. More specifically, Cortina d’Ampezzo is located in the center of Ampezzo Valley, at the top of the Boite Valley.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is blessed with an unparalleled alpine setting. The Cortina basin is ringed by the rugged Tofane Group, Sorapiss Group, Cristallo Group, and Croda da Lago chain.

It’s incredibly special, because no two views of Cortina d’Ampezzo are the same. As your perspective shifts, a whole new backdrop is revealed.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is often the first stop on a traveler’s Dolomites itinerary, because of its proximity to the Venice International Airport (2 hour drive). International visitors typically fly into Venice and head directly to Cortina with either the Cortina Express shuttle or with their own rental car.

Compared to other towns in the Dolomites, Cortina d’Ampezzo is quite large and offers more diversion in terms of shopping and dining. The town’s pedestrian zone, lined with restaurants, bars and cafés, is always a lively gathering place.

Why Stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Central Location in the Ampezzo Dolomites

Cortina d’Ampezzo’s advantageous location makes it easy to see and do a lot from a single base:

The southern Sesto/Sexten Dolomites are also within reach. From Cortina d’Ampezzo, it’s a 30 minute drive to Lago d’Antorno and a 40 minute drive to Rifugio Auronzo via the Tre Cime toll road.

From these popular trailheads, you can embark on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Circuit Trail, the Sentiero Bonacossa Trail, and visit the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint.

Iconic Mountain Lakes

Cortina d’Ampezzo is the best place to stay if you want to hike to the milky-turquoise Lago di Sorapis, the larch-fringed Lago Federa, and the Mount Pelmo mirroring Lago delle Baste.

Additionally, you can also easily visit the roadside lakes of Lago Misurina (22-minute drive), Lago d’Antorno (25-minute drive), Lago di Braies/Pragser Wildsee (50-minute drive), Lago di Dobbiaco/Toblacher See (30-minute drive), and Lago di Landro/Dürrensee (22-minute drive).

Learn More: Best Hikes around Cortina d’Ampezzo

Where to Stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Budget | Hotel Meuble Oasi is a guesthouse set in the town center of Cortina d’Ampezzo, walking distance to the pedestrian zone and bus station. Book this 2-star hotel for the unbeatable price, location, spotless ooms, and on-site parking. 

Midrange | Baita Fraina is a charming B&B with six rooms with balconies, 3km from Cortina’s town center (5 minute drive). This guesthouse is also home to a Michelin recommended à la carte restaurant, which serves regional cuisine. Stay here for the mountain views, the affordability, and the food.

Midrange | Hotel Villa Alpina is a centrally-located 3-star-superior hotel housed in a historic villa. Rooms are comfortable and feature parquet floors and alpine furnishings. The room rate includes breakfast and outdoor parking. 

Midrange | Ambra Cortina Luxury&Fashion Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel with 24 thematic rooms and a bar in the very center of Cortina. Guests are treated to free on-site parking and an excellent breakfast. 

Midrange | Fiori Dolomites Experience Hotel is a three-star hotel in the mountain village San Vito di Cadore, 11-km from Cortina d’Ampezzo. Fiori Dolomites Experience hotel is also a pastry shop. During breakfast, you’ll be able to savor their delicious homemade croissants, cakes, and Krapfen with various fillings. And in the afternoons, guests are given a complimentary snack featuring more of the hotel pâtisserie’s cakes and pastries. 

Luxury | Dolomiti Lodge Alverà is a splurge-worthy hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, featuring an on-site spa and pool, on-site restaurant, and plush suites. Guests rave about the hotel’s mountain views, breakfast, wellness facilities, and design.

Luxury | Grand Hotel Savoia Cortina d’Ampezzo, A Radisson Collection Hotel is a top-rated, 5-star hotel in the center of Cortina d’Ampezzo. Although housed in a historic building, the entire interior has been renovated. Rooms are delightfully modern. Stay here for the superb on-site restaurant, impeccable staff and concierge, top-notch facilities (spa, indoor pool,  bar, and lobby area).

Look for accommodation in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Il Salotto, Hotel de Len, Cortina d'Ampezzo

4 star hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo

HOTEL de LEN is an impeccably-run, 4-star luxury hotel in the town center of Cortina d’Ampezzo, just steps away from the pedestrian zone.

With its fresh-faced design and innovative concept, this new hotel is a splash of lively color on Cortina’s hospitality scene. 

HOTEL de LEN exudes luxury in the shape of classy, curated interiors, a rooftop spa, wellness-promoting rooms, a clandestine cocktail bar, and a restaurant featuring riffs on local cuisine. 

Each room features air-conditioningsound insulation, energy-enhancing bed panels, and a filtration system, installed to promote well-being by removing electromagnetic pollution. 

Beyond the very pleasing aesthetics, we were wowed by the passionate and accommodating team that runs this fine hotel. 

Read our HOTEL de LEN review.

Book your stay at HOTEL de LEN.

Camina Suite & Spa, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomites
Camina Suite & Spa

4 star hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Camina Suite & Spa is a small boutique hotel with 12 rooms in Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites. This lovely hotel oozes charm while capturing a comfortable chalet-modern aesthetic. 

They serve the best breakfast in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Suites are bright, cozy, and functional with oak floors, fir wardrobes, and modern bathrooms. All room are sound-insulated and have air-conditioning.

Located on the top floor, the adults-only (18+) hotel spa is a smart space with three saunas (hay, steam, and Finnish), a relaxation area, multi-sensory showers, and a tea bar. Use of the spa is complimentary (4 -8 pm daily).

Extra perks: in-room Nespresso machine and kettle, free on-site parking, and an on-site restaurant.

Read our Camina Suite & Spa Review.

Book your stay at Camina Suite & Spa.

2. Val Gardena, South Tyrol

Val Gardena is a perfect base in the Dolomites for hiking and for those traveling without a car.

Seceda to Forcella Pana hiking trail, Dolomites, Northern Italy
Seceda Hike

Where is Val Gardena

Val Gardena/Grödnertal is a valley in South Tyrol, stretching from Gardena Pass (Passo Gardena in Italian, Grödnerjoch in German) and Sella Pass to Valle Isarco/Eisacktal.

Why Stay in Val Gardena

Free Public Transit Card

When you stay in any hotel, guesthouse, or farm stay in Val Gardena, you’re given a free public transit card. This makes getting to various trailheads hassle-free.

You don’t have to worry about finding and paying for parking. Also, you can use this free transit card to get to other destinations in South Tyrol, like Alta Badia and Bolzano/Bozen.

Accessible Day Hikes

There are a number of chairlifts and cable cars that connect the valley to various summits and plateaus in the Val Gardena Dolomites: Puez-Odle/Geisler Nature Park, the Resciesa/Rasciesa/Raschötz Plateau, Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, and the Sassolungo/Langkofel Group.

So, you can spend days exploring the most beautiful mountains surrounding Val Gardena, without having to suffer through long, grueling ascents. Val Gardena’s accessibility makes it a top destination for a hiking holiday in the Dolomites.

Here are several hikes with cableway ascents in Val Gardena:

Seceda to Regensburger Hütte Circuit

Resciesa to Malga Brogles and Seceda

Col dala Pieres Summit

Piz Duleda

Alpe di Siusi Meadows Circuit

Alpe di Siusi to Monte Pana

Learn More: Best Day Hikes in Val Gardena

Long Summer Season

In most valleys and regions across the Italian Dolomites, the summer season ends by mid-late September. That means most restaurants, cableways, and hotels shut down and don’t re-open until the winter season commences.

Luckily, Val Gardena has a very long summer season. Many hotels, cableways, and alpine pasture huts stay open until mid or even late-October, thus stretching out the “summer season”. You can read about hiking in Val Gardena in September and October in the these posts:

Hiking in the Dolomites in September

Hiking in the Dolomites in October

Val Gardena Towns

There are three villages in Val Gardena/Grödnertal:

  • Ortisei (St. Ulrich in German, Urtijëi in Ladin)
  • Santa Cristina (Sankt Christina in Gröden in German, Santa Cristina Gherdëina in Ladin)
  • Selva di Val Gardena (Wolkenstein in German, Sëlva in Ladin)

We’ve stayed in all three. Each has a unique advantage. Below, we’ve outlined the differences between each village, so you can decide where in Val Gardena you want to stay. 

For an in-depth look at where to stay in Val Gardena, read our Val Gardena Hotel Guide.


Ortisei is perhaps the most convenient place to stay in Val Gardena.

Directly from the town center, you can hop on the Ortisei-Furnes-Seceda cableways to the Seceda ridgeline, the Resciesa funicular, and the Ortisei – Alpe di Siusi Gondola. So, without having to venture outside of town, you have access to many different trails.

Some of our favorite Ortisei hikes include:

Resciesa to Malga Brogles and Seceda

Seceda to Regensburger Hütte

Alpe di Siusi Meadows Circuit Trail

Alpe di Siusi to Monte Pana and Santa Cristina

Ortisei also has the most vibrant town center with a number of restaurants, cafés, and wine bars. If you like having different restaurant options (and your hotel doesn’t offer half board), stay in Ortisei.

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Check out these top-rated Ortisei accommodations:

Budget | Pra Palmer The Green B&B is a 3-star hotel with raving reviews in Ortisei. 3-4 nights minimum stay. 

Budget | B&B Lavi Ortisei val Gardena is a clean and comfortable bed and breakfast managed by a very friendly host. The B&B is situated outside of the town center, though within walking distance (~15 minutes). 

Midrange | Casa al Sole is a newly renovated bed and breakfast in the center of Ortisei, only a short walk from the Seceda cableway and the Resciesa funicular. Highlights of staying here include the modern minimal interiors, comfortable bedrooms, warm hospitality, and delicious and plentiful breakfast. At Casa al Sole, Alexandra and Manuel host with great care and enthusiasm, and are always available to offer advice and help make dinner reservations.

Midrange | Chalet Hotel Hartmann is a charming adults-only hotel featuring tastefully furnished alpine interiors, a delicious breakfast buffet, a complimentary afternoon snack, and a spa area (bio-sauna, steam bath and solarium). This is an ideal accommodation for couples and anyone traveling without children. It’s a 20-minute walk to reach the town center.

Luxury | Hotel Gardena Grödnerhof is a 5-star hotel in the heart of Ortisei, home to the Michelin star Ann Stuben gourmet restaurant. This wellness hotel offers unparalleled spa facilities, flawless service, guided hikes and mountain bike tours, and a weekly fitness program. Guests are treated to a welcome cocktail, generous breakfast buffet, and afternoon cakes and snacks (3 – 5 pm). 

Luxury | Perched high above Ortisei, the newly-renovated La Cort My Dollhouse – Adults Only hotel offers 26 stylish rooms, a rooftop spa and pool, and fabulous views. Given its location, we only recommend staying here if you’re traveling by car. La Cort is a great choice for travelers who want more flexibility during their visit (no rigid eating times, etc..). Breakfast (7:30 am – 11 am) and Linner (4 pm – 7 pm) are included in the rate.

Look for accommodation in Ortisei.

Hotel Angelo Engel, Bedroom Balcony, Seceda and Ortisei
Hotel Angelo Engel

4 star hotel in Ortisei

Hotel Angelo Engel is situated directly in the town center of Ortisei, walking distance to the Resciesa funicular, Ortisei-Furnes-Seceda cableway, and the Ortisei-Alpe di Siusi gondola (Mont Sëuc Ropeway). We loved the central location, the courteous staff, the wellness and sauna area, and our spacious room.

Book your stay at Hotel Angelo Engel.

Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina is located between Ortisei and Selva di Val Gardena. Its central location makes it easy to explore the whole valley. It’s also the quietest of the Val Gardena villages.

From the village center, or from the Praplan car park, you can walk to scenic alpine pasture huts like Baita Gamsblut and Baita Sëurasas.

You can also summit Monte Pic, which is one of the best hiking and photography spots in Val Gardena.

From the peak, you’ll see panoramic views of the Odle/Geisler Group, Monte Stevia, the Cir Peaks, Selva di Val Gardena, the Sella Group, Cima della Vezzana (the highest peak in Pale di San Martino), Sassolungo/Langkofel, Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, and the Catinaccio/Rosengarten mountains. 

Santa Cristina is located close to the Col Raiser Gondola valley station, which provides easy access to Puez-Odle Nature Park. From the Col Raiser mountain station, you can hike to the Seceda Ridgeline, Regensburger Hütte, Col dala Pieres Summit, and Piz Duleda Summit.

More hikes that end in Santa Cristina: Resciesa – Seceda – Col Raiser hike (difficult) and Alpe di Siusi to Santa Cristina (easy).

If you’re staying in Santa Cristina, we highly recommend opting for half board (breakfast and dinner included) at your hotel. The village of Santa Cristina is small, so there aren’t a lot of independent restaurants. 

We’re team half board. When we spend the whole day hiking, the last thing we’re interested in is finding a place for dinner. We find it far more relaxing and enjoyable to head to the sauna post-hike and eat dinner at our hotel. Either we’re lazy, or we’ve mastered the art of simplicity.

Here are the best places to stay in Santa Cristina:

Budget | Bed & Breakfast Kaserer is a charming B&B with clean, traditional rooms and excellent hospitality. 3 nights minimum stay.

Budget | Smart Hotel Saslong is a no-frills hotel in Santa Cristina featuring modern, minimalist interiors decorated in local wood. Guests have access to a self-service bar, free parking (indoor and outdoor), and on-site restaurant serving local cuisine. This is a perfect place to stay if you’re traveling with friends. Book breakfast!

Midrange | Charme Hotel Uridl is a family-run hotel set in a mountain chalet dating back to the 17th century. Stay here for the cozy and quaint atmosphere and delicious breakfast buffets and dinners.

Luxury | Hotel Touring Dolomites is an excellent, family-run hotel with a new spa, rooftop pool, modern rooms, and a fine dining restaurant (half board available). 3-5 nights minimum stay.

Look for accommodation in Santa Cristina.

Where to Stay in the Dolomites in Summer - Dorfhotel Beludei in Val Gardena
Dorfthotel Beludei

4-star-superior hotel in Santa Cristina

With its storybook-chalet design, Dorfhotel Beludei feels timeless and new.

This boutique hotel is a great place to stay if you savor cuisine, comfort, personal service, and a quiet retreat.

The hotel kitchen concocts the most visionary meals inspired by the Ladin and Italian culinary traditions. Dinner is served in 4 courses, each bursting with flavor and artistry. 

Dorfhotel Beludei’s 24 alpine bedrooms are luxurious in terms of space, comfort, and light. All rooms are designed in a tasteful Tyrolean style with natural larch and swiss pine.

Another thing we really loved about our stay was the spa. It comprises an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor whirlpool, a Finnish sauna and steam sauna, and a spacious relaxation area. As soon as you enter, you’re greeted with a tea bar replete with a tea selection, cold beverages, and cookies. 

Bonus: Free garage parking and guided hiking tours.

Read our Dorfhotel Beludei hotel review.

Book your stay at Dorfhotel Beludei.

Selva di Val Gardena

Selva di Val Gardena (Wolkenstein) sits between the Sassolungo and the Puez-Odle groups at the foot of the flat-topped Sella Massif, one of the most awe-inspiring mountains in the Dolomites. That’s a lot of mountains. 

If hiking in the Puez-Odle Group, Sella Group, Cir Peaks, and Sassolungo Group is your top priority, make Selva your base. And here’s another secret, you can hike from Selva to Vallunga Valley and Val de Chedul, which are two hidden valleys that stretch into the heart of Puez-Odle Nature Park.

Also, Selva is the closest town in Val Gardena to Gardena Pass (the gateway to Alta Badia) and Sella Pass (the gateway to Val di Fassa).

From Passo Gardena, you can hike to Gran Cir, Sass da Ciampac, and Cima Pisciadu.

From Passo Sella, you can start the Sassolungo circuit trail and the via ferrata Oskar Schuster. If you venture a little further to Passo Pordoi, don’t miss the Viel del Pan hiking trail.

So, if you’re planning on exploring Val Badia and Val di Fassa in addition to Val Gardena, you should stay in Selva. Check out these Selva accommodations:

Budget | Garni Sunela B&B is an immaculate bed and breakfast with spacious rooms, a spa, bar, parking garage, and a phenomenal breakfast, including fresh eggs from the resident chickens. Check-in is only until 7 pm. 

Budget | Family-run Hotel Garni Morene is a clean and comfortable guesthouse, set in an idyllic location outside the town center of Selva. Stay here for the unbeatable price, mountain views, and hospitality. Breakfast included.

Midrange | Hotel Freina is a welcoming family-run hotel in Selva with an excellent on-site restaurant (serving vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options), wonderful spa, and free garage parking. 

Midrange-Luxury | Hotel Sun Valley is a 4-star hotel with a feel-good atmosphere, nice rooms, friendly management and staff, and a great restaurant (half board available). The spa comprises an indoor pool, whirlpool, Tyrolean parlor sauna, Brechel bath with fresh pine branches, and a steam bath, and relaxation areas. 

Luxury | Linder Cycling Hotel stands out with its bold architecture, stylish urban accents, and laid-back atmosphere. Beyond the captivating design, Linder Cycling Hotel boasts excellent facilities, including a rooftop terrace, indoor pool, bar and the à la carte Luis Eatery restaurant.

5-star Luxury | Hotel Granbaita Dolomites is an ode to alpine elegance. This stately hotel pampers guests with its lavish rooms, extensive spa area (7 saunas, indoor-outdoor pool, fitness room, spa), and decadent tasting menus. Book half board.

Find an accommodation in Selva di Val Gardena.

Hotel Rodella outdoor terrace - Best hotels in Selva, Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy
Hotel Rodella

3 star hotel in Selva di Val Gardena

Occupying a peaceful spot high above the town center of Selva, Hotel Rodella flaunts mesmerizing views of the Sella and Sassolungo/Langkofel mountains.

The sunsets we experienced here were some of the best sunsets we’ve seen in the Dolomites. If you want to see Sella glow in shades of crimson and coral whilst sipping a glass of wine from your hotel terrace, this is where you need to stay. 

Hotel Rodella is also a quick walk to Col Raiser gondola. That’s the gondola that floats you up to Puez-Geisler Nature Park, giving you easy access to Regensburger Hütte, Seceda Ridgeline, Rifugio Stevia, Col dala Pieres and more.

Book your stay at Hotel Rodella.

3. Alta Badia, South Tyrol

Alta Badia is the ultimate base in the Dolomites in summer for hikers and epicureans. 

Alta Badia, Dolomites
Sass da Ciampac Day Hike

Where is Alta Badia

Alta Badia is a mountain region and ski resort in the upper part of Val Badia/Hochabtei valley in South Tyrol. The region is nestled between the Fanes Group, Puez Group, Sella Group, Mount Sassongher, and the Cir peaks.

It’s easy to get to Alta Badia from neighboring Val Gardena (over the Gardena Pass), Val di Fassa (over the Sella Pass and Gardena Pass), and Cortina d’Ampezzo (over the Fazarego Pass).

For an in-depth look at where to stay in Alta Badia, read our Alta Badia hotel guide.

Why Stay in Alta Badia

Storybook Landscapes

Alta Badia is perfection, delivering one storybook scene after another.

Harboring some of the most enchanting landscapes in the South Tyrolean Dolomites, Alta Badia is the place to go when you want to step into a fairy tale.

To get a taste for the area, start with the Armentara Meadows plateau walk and the Sass de Putia Circuit Trail.

Luxurious Hotels

Hotels in Alta Badia are some of the finest hotels in all of Italy. If you stay in a luxury hotel in Alta Badia, you can generally expect gourmet food, extensive wellness facilities, and impressive alpine-chic interior design.

From a cuisine standpoint, Alta Badia is a standout destination. Hotel chefs explore the culinary intersections between Italian, Austrian, and Ladin cuisine, resulting in creative and delicious multi-course meals you can’t eat anywhere else.

Several hotel restaurants even boast Michelin Stars, including Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa (St Hubertus restaurant), Hotel Ciasa Salares (La Siriola restaurant), and Hotel La Perla (La Stüa de Michil).

Another thing we love about Alta Badia luxury hotels are their integrated wellness and spa areas. Take a look at the saunas, swimming pools, and relaxation rooms of Badia Hill in Badia, Hotel Cristallo in La Villa, Hotel Kolfuschgerhof in Colfosco, and Hotel Fanes in San Cassiano.

Riveting Hiking Trails

From Alta Badia, hikers have access to fascinating plateaus, riveting peaks, and rolling meadows in the Puez Mountains, Sella Group, Fanes Group, and more.

Here are some of our favorite Alta Badia hiking trails:

Lake Pisciadù and Cima Pisciadù

Gherdenacia Plateau and Rifugio Puez

Rifugio Fanes Day Hike

Gran Cir

Sass da Ciampac

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Alta Badia Villages

There are six alpine villages in Alta Badia:

Colfosco (Kolfuschg in German, Calfosch in Ladin)

Corvara (Kurfar in German, Corvara in Ladin)

La Villa (Stern in German, La Ila in Ladin)

Badia (Abtei in German, Badia in Ladin)

San Cassiano (St. Kassian in German, San Ciascian in Ladin)

La Valle (Wengen in German, La Val in Ladin)


Colfosco is located between Corvara and Passo Gardena/Grödnerjoch.

It’s the highest village in Val Badia and the perfect base for anyone who wants to divide their time between Alta Badia and Val Gardena.

During our stay in Colfosco, we hiked to Gran Cir, Sass da Ciampac, and Rifugio Puez.

We loved staying in Colfosco, because of the views of Sella and easy access to the Cir Group and the Sella Group.

There are some first-class hotels and accommodations in Colfosco including:

Budget-Midrange | Pension Mirandola is a family-run guesthouse with spotless rooms and an on-site restaurant (half board available). Stay here for the warm hospitality, affordability, and location. 

Midrange | Crëp Sella is a sparkling clean B&B with spacious and comfortable rooms.

Luxury Apartments | Lüch de Costa is a stylish aparthotel in Colfosco. In 2017, this historic farmstead was transformed into several high-end apartments. This is a great place to stay if you want the independence of an apartment but the convenience and finer features of a hotel (spa area, indoor pool, outdoor whirlpool, breakfast, daily room cleaning). 

Luxury | Hotel Kolfuschgerhof excels on every level, from its excellent wellness facilities and superb Dolomites views to its fine dining, featuring local and Italian cuisine. Design-wise, the hotel is a winning combination of Tyrolean chalet-style and alpine-modern. Expect extraordinary service and the best spa views of your life. 

Luxury | Romantik Hotel Cappella is a newly-renovated 5-star luxury hotel in Colfosco sporting the finest contemporary interiors and furnishings in the region. Guests relish the two on-site restaurants, modern lounge bar, and life-affirming spa overlooking the Sella Group. The wellness area features a brine sauna, a steam sauna, Finnish sauna, child/family-friendly sauna, indoor-outdoor pool, and fitness room. The hotel’s energetic and polished staff ensure that all your needs are met. 

Look for accommodation in Colfosco.


Corvara occupies a very central location in Val Badia, between La Villa and Colfosco. Planted at the foot of Sassongher peak, this scenic village offers many outdoor activities without feeling clogged, or packed.

If you stay here, you can hop on the Col Alto Gondola to Pralongià High Plateau and the Boé Gondola to the Sella Group. You can also walk to the villages of La Villa and Colfosco. 

A fantastic hike to do in Corvara is Pisciadu Peak. You can take the bus to Passo Gardena, hike up to Pisciadu and then descend all the way back to Corvara.

We recommend staying at:

Luxury Family Aparthotel | Movi Family Apart-Hotel offers new and stylish apartments for families. This modern property blends everything we love about a hotel (amenities and breakfast buffet) with everything we love about an apartment (self-sufficiency and space). Extra Perks: kids and family spa area with pool, adults-only spa, summer outdoor playpark, entertainment for kids.

Midrange | Ciasa De Munt Lifestyle Living strikes just the right balance between urban and the outdoors, with its clean aesthetic, modern elegant lines and location. Guests have access to top-notch wellness facilities, storage lockers, and a  washing machine. A fresh breakfast buffet featuring homemade cakes, cold cuts, and eggs is laid out each morning. Take advantage of the mountainside breakfast offering in their Piz Boé Alpine Lounge (2200 meters).

Luxury | Hotel Marmolada is a superb 4-star hotel which delivers an all-around excellent experience: facilities, parking, breakfast, and spa. Half board is available. When booking, pay attention to room categories: many rooms are newly renovated, but not all.

5-star Luxury | Hotel La Perla is a family-run hotel set in an 18th century building with charming alpine interiors, several restaurants, and a spa. Breakfast and dinner, both included in the room rate, are served in the hotel’s Les Stües restaurant. If you’d like to dine in the hotel’s 1-star Michelin restaurant, La Stüa de Michil, it’s necessary to make a reservation in advance. 

Look for accommodation in Corvara.

Balcony view from Sassongher suite, Hotel Col Alto, Alta Badia, Dolomites
Hotel Col Alto

4 star hotel in Corvara

Hotel Col Alto boasts a massive spa and wellness complex, comprising five saunas, an indoor swimming pool, a whirlpool, foot baths, relaxation rooms with waterbeds, and heated lounge chairs. If it rains, you’ll be completely satisfied sauna hopping.

Col Alto spares nothing when it comes to bedding. The down pillows and comforters were as divine as sipping earl grey while watching Colin Firth’s lake scene in Pride and Prejudice.

Oh and one more thing. If buffets excite you, then Col Alto’s buffets will inflame you. Depending on the day of the week, one of the dinner courses is presented as a buffet. Sometimes it’s the appetizer-course and sometimes it’s the dessert course. Gorge yourself.

Book your stay at Hotel Col Alto.

La Villa

La Villa is the village between Corvara and Badia. With its very own castle (Castel Colz), La Villa’s beauty lies in its stillness and fairy tale landscapes. If you want to stay somewhere extremely peaceful, stay here.

Located between the Puez – Odle and Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Parks, great views and hiking trails abound. From the village, you can quickly access the Puez mountains with the Gardenaccia chairlift. Read about our hike from La Villa to Colfosco here.

You can also walk into Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park directly from La Villa. We did this point-to-point hike starting in Capanna Alpina and ending in La Villa.

Here are some excellent places to stay in La Villa:

Budget | Pensione Camoscio is a well-run charming hotel with cozy, Tyrolean-style rooms, excellent breakfasts and dinners, and a peaceful setting. Great value for money. 

Budget Apartments | Ciasa Agreiter in La Villa is a pet-friendly property with beautiful, well-equipped apartments with stunning mountain views. 

Luxury | Hotel La Majun exudes luxury in the shape of gourmet Ladin cuisine (half board available), modern rooms, and an elegant atmosphere.

Luxury | Hotel Cristallo – Wellness Mountain Living enjoys an idyllic setting between La Villa and Corvara. This 4-star-superior hotel pampers guests with its heavenly wellness facilities, high-quality half board offering, and stylish rooms. 

Look for accommodation in La Villa.

Hotel Ciasa Soleil, Alta Badia Hotel in La Villa, Italy

Hotel Ciasa Soleil

4 star hotel in La VIlla

Hotel Ciasa Soleil is an intimate boutique hotel in La Villa befitting a special anniversary or a romantic getaway. Thoughtfully designed, Ciasa Soleil charms guests with its Fanes-facing dining room, indoor swimming pool and wellness area, and delicious half board offerings. 

A huge benefit to staying here is being able to participate in a number of hotel-organized excursions. When you arrive, you’ll be handed a weekly program, outlining all the hiking and cultural excursions available to you, free of charge. You just need to sign up the night before by 5 pm to secure your place. 

We loved that Hotel Ciasa Soleil makes each day special. Some days you’ll be given a welcome aperitif before dinner. Other days, you’ll be treated to a traditional Ladin dinner or an indulgent dessert buffet.

Book your stay at Hotel Ciasa Soleil.


Badia (Abtei in German) is a village in Val Badia between La Villa and San Martino in Badia. This Dolomites village lies between Puez-Odle Nature Park and Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park at an elevation of 1315 meters.

The La Crusc Cableways connect Badia with Santa Croce Sanctuary (2045 m), a church set below the impressive rock faces of Sasso di Santa Croce Group (Sas dla Crusc in Ladin, Kreuzkofel in German).

From here, hikers can descend back to Badia via the Armentara Meadows, one of the easiest and most enchanting walks in the Dolomites.

Budget | Chalet Planvart is a great value B&B in Badia. 

Midrange | Hotel Melodia del Bosco is a family-run hotel in Badia offering newly-renovated rooms, excellent breakfasts, heart-expanding Dolomites views, a spa (Finnish sauna, alpine herbs sauna, steam sauna, relaxation area, gym), and an on-site restaurant. 

Look for accommodation in Badia.

Alta Badia bar, Alta Badia, Dolomites

Badia Hill

4 star hotel in Badia

Badia Hill is a 4-star boutique hotel with 33 rooms in Badia, Alta Badia. 

This new property is an alpine-modern masterpiece with elegant and spacious communal areas, harmonious lighting and color schemes, and nature-inspired accents. 

Badia Hill commands heavenly views of the Fanes Group, Puez Group, and Val Badia.

Guests can marvel at the Dolomites mountains from all spaces, including the lounge, wine bar, Porcino restaurant, rooftop wellness area, and panoramic infinity pool.

In summer and fall, you can walk from the hotel grounds to the Santa Croce chairlift valley station, which connects Badia with the Santa Croce pilgrimage church. This is where the spellbinding Armentara Meadows trail begins.

Read our Badia Hill hotel review.

Check current availability at Badia Hill.

San Cassiano

At the foot of the mighty Lavarela and Conturines peaks, lies the lovely alpine village of San Cassiano. Here, you’ll find some of the most luxurious hotels in Alta Badia, including Hotel Fanes and Hotel Ciasa Salares.

One of our favorite Alta Badia walks begins in San Cassiano. From the village center, walk up the road to the Rü farmstead and follow the Path of the Larches trail to Rudifiera. You can extend this walk all the way to the La Crusc chapel.

From the chapel, either return back to San Cassiano on the same trail or hike down to Badia via the Armentara Meadows. From Badia, you can take a regional bus back to San Cassiano.

San Cassiano is also a gateway to the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park. From the Capanna Alpine trailhead, you can hike to Rifugio Fanes and Rifugio Lavarella, two upscale mountain huts.

We recommend staying in one of these San Cassiano accommodations:

Budget | Camping Sass Dlacia is the highest campground in the Dolomites, located at the entrance to Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park. Ringed by pine forest and set at the foot of Sass Dlacia, this guesthouse and campground accommodates travelers who are camping, road-tripping, or trekking. You can stay in their rustic huts (Üties), apartments, or in your own tent, or van. And, when you want to take a break from active pursuits, you can relax in their Natura Wellness and sauna area and eat at the on-site pizzeria restaurant (highly recommended!).

Budget Apartments | Ciasa Milandura offers spacious, clean apartments with fully-equipped kitchens and balconies in San Cassiano. 

Midrange | Hotel Conturines is a very welcoming hotel in the heart of the pedestrian zone of San Cassiano, offering comfortable rooms, high-quality breakfasts and dinners, and a small spa area. 

Top Choice – Luxury Aparthotel | Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence ingeniously blends rustic alpine charm with modern comforts. Guests enjoy spacious apartments with kitchens as well as a wonderful spa area and daily breakfast.

5-star Luxury | Hotel Fanes dazzles with its first-class spa facilities and skypool, phenomenal food, flawless staff, and magical setting. Breakfast, a Marende (afternoon snack buffet), and dinner are included in the rate.

Look for accommodation in San Cassiano.

Passo delle Erbe

Passo delle Erbe is a high mountain pass above San Martin de Tor and Val Badia.

It’s a bit out of the way, which makes this hidden gem even more enticing. You can drive to Passo delle Erbe from Val Badia, Val di Funes, and Bressanone.

We loved staying up here at Ütia de Börz. It’s blissfully quiet and remote. From the pass, you can embark on the popular circuit trail around Sass de Putia. You can also summit Sass de Putia and hike to Rifugio Genova.

Ütia de Börz Balcony, Passo delle Erbe, Dolomites

Ütia de Börz

3 star hotel at Passo delle Erbe

Ütia de Börz is an upscale mountain refuge situated at the mountain pass Passo delle Erbe.

Facing the majestic north-face of Sass de Putia/Peitlerkofel and the Odle di Eores/Aferer Geisler mountains, this scenic accommodation offers guests the feeling of being blissfully alone in the mountains, but with all of the comfort.

Book your stay at Ütia de Börz.

4. Alta Pusteria (Upper Puster Valley), South Tyrol

Alta Pusteria/Hochpustertal is the best place to stay for exploring the Braies/Prags Dolomites and the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites.

Naturhotel Leitlhof Outdoor Swimming Pool, San Candido, Dolomites
Naturhotel Leitlhof

Where is the Upper Puster Valley 

Puster Valley is a long valley in the Alps, stretching from Bressanone/Brixen in Italy all the way to Lienz in Austria

The Upper Puster Valley (Alta Pusteria in Italian, Hochpustertal in German) refers to the easternmost part of the valley.

In the context of the Dolomites, Alta Pusteria refers to the area around Villabassa/Niederdorf, Dobbiaco/Toblach, San Candido/Innichen, Braies/Prags, and Sesto/Sexten in South Tyrol. 

This region is also known as the “Three Peaks” holiday region. 

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Why Stay in the Upper Puster Valley

Dazzling Mountains, Plateaus, and Lakes

Upper Puster Valley is the northern gateway to the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites and the Braies/Prags Dolomites. It’s the perfect base for anyone who wants to visit:

Tre Cime di Lavaredo/Drei Zinnen. There are so many ways to ascend to the famous Three Peaks. The easiest way is to drive the Rifugio Auronzo toll road to the south side of Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

From here, you can follow the magnificent circuit trail around Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Don’t forget to detour to the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint from Rifugio Auronzo. A more thrilling ascent to Three Peaks starts in Val Campo di Dentro valley, following the Torre dei Scarperi circuit trail.

Lago di Braies/Pragser Wildsee Lake. Lake Braies is located in Braies Valley, a side valley of Val Pusteria. Insider tip: you can hike to Hochalpenkopf from Lago di Braies.

Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese High Plateau. From Prato Piazza, you can walk to the summit of Monte Specie/Strudelkopf and hike the Gaisl High Trail to Malga Rossalm.

Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal Valley. Val Fiscalina is a side valley of Sesto/Sexten Valley. We started this 3-day hut-to-hut hike to Tre Cime in Val Fiscalina.

Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen Meadows. The Prati di Croda Rossa (Rotwandwiesen in German) meadows lie at the foot of the Croda Rossa di Sesto/Sextener Rotwand mountain in the northern Sesto/Sexten Dolomites. 

This scenic, family-friendly destination is accessible by cableway from Sesto Moso/Sexten Moos, adjacent to the Bad Moos Dolomites Spa Resort. From Prati di Croda Rossa, you can hike to Passo Monte Croce.

Carnic Alps

Alta Pusteria/Hochpustertal and its side valley Sesto/Sexten are bounded by the Dolomites (to the south) and the Villgraten Mountains and Carnic Alps (to the north), which form the natural border between Italy (South Tyrol) and Austria (East Tyrol). 

Not only do the Carnic Alps afford some of the most awe-inspiring views of the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites, they also boast some of the largest alpine pastures in the region.

During your stay in Puster Valley, carve out time to hike along the Carnic High Trail from the Helmjet Cableway mountain station to Klammbachalm mountain pasture. 

We also recommend eating lunch in the mountains at the Malga Nemes/Alpe Nemes alpine pasture.

Upper Puster Valley Villages

Villabassa (Niederdorf in German)

Dobbiaco (Toblach in German)

San Candido (Innichen in German)

Braies (Prags in German)

Sesto (Sexten in German) 


Braies/Prags is located in Valle di Braies/Pragser Tal. The valley splits into two branches, with the western branch leading to Lake Braies/Pragser Wilsee and the eastern branch leading Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese plateau.

There are some wonderful budget-friendly farm stays and guesthouses in the hills overlooking the valley.

Budget | Garni Bergblick is a darling guesthouse in Braies/Prags Valley, 5.6 km from Lago di Braies (8 minute drive). Set in an idyllic meadow surrounded by trees, Garni Bergblick is the perfect base for exploring the Braies/Prags Dolomites. Breakfast is included in the rate.

Budget-Midrange | Berggasthaus Agritur Moserhof is a traditional and cozy farm stay, perched high above Braies/Prags Valley. Breakfast and dinner are included in the rate. From Moserhof, it’s a 5-minute drive down to the valley and a  11-minute drive to Lake Braies.

Midrange | Farmhouse Hanslerhof is a mountain guesthouse and farm overlooking Braies/Prags Valley and surrounded by meadows. Guests love the charming stone pine rooms, homemade breakfasts (included the room rate), and quiet location. From Hanslerhof, it’s an 8 minute drive to Lago di Braies.

Look for accommodation in Braies.


Sesto/Sexten is a town in Sesto/Sexten Valley, a side valley of Val Pusteria/Pustertal. Sesto Valley is bounded by the Northern Sesto/Sexten Dolomites and the Carnic Alps. 

From Sesto, you’re well-positioned to explore Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal valley and Val Campo di Dentro/Innerfeldtal, two valleys which lead into the heart of Tre Cime Nature Park. 

Budget | B&B Grüne Laterne – Lanterna Verde is a traditional, alpine guesthouse with an on-site restaurant.

Midrange | Hotel Schoenblick is a lovely 3-star hotel with sparkling clean rooms and apartments facing the Sesto Sundial. Breakfast is included and half board is optional. 3 nights minimum stay requirement in high season. 

Midrange | Hotel Royal is a 3-star-superior hotel with alpine-modern rooms and apartments in Sesto. Stay here for the hospitality, dreamy mountain views, and fantastic breakfast buffet. 

Luxury | Hotel Alpenblick is an exceptional hotel in Sesto with a standout gourmet kitchen, committed to sustainability. Ingredients are sourced regionally and from their very own Alpenblick farm. Breakfast, a 5-course dinner, and an afternoon snack (3 pm – 5 pm) are included in the room rate. Beyond the culinary appeal, Hotel Alpenblick is a super friendly and welcoming accommodation with a spa and pool. 5 nights minimum stay requirement.

5-star Luxury | Hotel Monika – MY WELLBEING HOTEL DOLOMITES enjoys a splendid setting on the edge of a meadow with views of the Sexten Dolomites. The hotel spa dazzles with its sky infinity outdoor pool, indoor pool, five saunas, and relaxation zones. You can schedule massages and other treatments as well. Book half board to savor the full experience.

Look for accommodation in Sesto

San Candido 

San Candido/Innichen is a historic village in Val Pusteria with a romantic and lively town center. The village sits at the base of the craggy Monte Baranci/Haunold mountain, one of the most attractive mountains in the Dolomites. 

In the market area, cafés are always buzzing with guests, who elegantly drink Apéritifs throughout the day. Locals merrily greet each other with exuberant waves and friendly smiles.

And, visitors weave in and out of shops, determined to find the perfect memento. If you want to buy local products (wine, cheese, speck, etc..), visit Tito Speck – Il Maso dello Speck (Address: Via Peter Paul Rainer, 1/A, 39038 San Candido BZ, Italy).

Notable landmarks include the St. Michael parish church, dating back to the 12th century, and the Innichen Monastery Church. 

Apartments | Residence Kugler offers new, fully-equipped apartments in San Candido.

Aparthotel | ATTO Suites & Cuisine is a new luxury aparthotel in San Candido, furnished with the highest quality local materials. These gorgeous, minimalist apartments teeter stylistically between Alpine and Nordic. An excellent breakfast is included (with gluten-free options). Other included services: parking, shuttle service to the Leitlhof spa, and bicycle storage room.

Luxury | Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio is a 4-star hotel set in San Candido’s lively pedestrian center. Stay here for the excellent breakfast, gourmet dinners (on-site restaurant, half board available), and free reserved parking (behind hotel).

Adults-Only Luxury | Post Hotel – Tradition & Lifestyle Adults Only is located in the center of San Candido, close to the pedestrian zone. This chic boutique hotel offers a spa, rooftop terrace, and on-site restaurant and bar. Half board is available. 

Look for accommodation in San Candido.

Naturhotel Leitlhof, Dolomites Accommodation, San Candido

Naturlhotel Leitlhof

4 star superior hotel in San Candido

Naturhotel Leitlhof occupies a private and peaceful location overlooking the village of San Candido. Nestled against the forest line, this secret oasis looks like the residence of a magical forest sorceress. 

Leitlhof easily enchants visitors with its Sexten mountain views, panoramic outdoor pool, crescent-shaped wellness area, and spacious bedrooms. 

The wellness area comprises two pools, six saunas, multiple relaxation areas, and a cold plunge pool. On departure days, guests can use the wellness area all day. 

Perhaps, the best part about staying here is the rich breakfast buffet and the gourmet dinner (half board is a must). The hotel kitchen sources their vegetables, herbs, and beef from local producers and their very own Mühlhof farm. Dinner is served in 5 courses, starting with a generous salad buffet. Everything we ate was exquisitely prepared and bursting with flavor. 

More reasons to stay at Naturhotel Leitlhof: GSTC certified and climate-neutral hotel, complimentary Marende (afternoon snack), free shuttles to nearby trailheads.

Read our Naturhotel Leitlhof Hotel Review for more photos and info.

Book your stay at Naturhotel Leitlhof.

5. San Martino di Castrozza, Trentino

San Martino di Castrozza is the best base for exploring Pale di San Martino, the largest mountain group of the Dolomites.

Sunset at Baita Segantini, San Martino di Castrozza, Trentino Dolomites
Baita Segantini Day Hike

Where is San Martino di Castrozza

San Martino di Castrozza is an alpine resort town in the Primiero valley in the Italian province of Trentino.

Located in a green basin and framed by the Pale di San Martino and the Lagorai mountain ranges, San Martino di Castrozza is one of the most visually spectacular towns in the Italian Dolomites.

The town is a mere 15-minute drive to Passo Rolle, a 35-minute drive to Val Venegia, and a 35-minute drive to Val Canali.

Why Stay in San Martino di Castrozza

Easy Access to Pale di San Martino

San Martino di Castrozza is a lively town, filled with shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels, and apartments, and surrounded by the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park.

The park encompasses the Pale di San Martino (aka Pala Group), the forest of Paneveggio, and the Lagorai chain.

The main reason to stay in San Martino di Castrozza is to hike and climb in the Pale di San Martino, the largest mountain group in the Dolomites.

From the town center, you can hop on the Colverde Gondola followed by the Rosetta Cableway to get to Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino, a vast stone plateau in the heart of the Pala Group. From here, you can embark on thrilling hikes like the tour of Pala di San Martino and Cima della Vezzana.

Millions of years ago, the Pala Group was an atoll, a ring-shaped coral reef, in the Tethys Ocean (source). The jagged mountains you see today are these ancient coral reefs, which have been shaped by the elements over millennia.

In more poetic terms, the Pala Group looks like the summer residence of the Olympian gods. Each peak looks like a throne, or a mighty spear piercing the sky.

What to Do in San Martino di Castrozza

Hike to Baita Segantini and Monte Castellaz

Hike around Pala di San Martino: Rifugio Rosetta to Rifugio Pradidali

Summit Cima della Vezzana 

Hike to Rifugio Mulaz

Visit Val Venegia and eat lunch at Malga Venegiota

Visit Val Canali and eat lunch at Malga Canali

Eat Pizza at Pizzeria Hotel Stalon

Eat Dinner at Sass Maor 

Learn More: Top Things to Do in San Martino di Castrozza in Summer

Where to Stay in San Martino di Castrozza

Budget | Residence Taufer is an affordable apartment-style accommodation, located 1 km from the center of San Martino di Castrozza. Apartments are clean and fully equipped, with all necessary appliances to make your stay here comfortable. The check-in/check-out is easy and uncomplicated. There’s a welcoming bar downstairs, where you can order espresso, drinks, and snacks throughout the day. And, the views of the Pala Group are sublime!

Midrange | Hotel Vienna is a welcoming family-run hotel, set in the heart of San Martino di Castrozza. This 3-star hotel delivers gorgeous mountain views, cozy and spacious rooms, and a great breakfast. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Luxury | Sayonara Nature & Wellness Hotel is a top-rated luxury hotel in San Martino di Castrozza. Stay here for the spacious, alpine-modern rooms, the rich and varied breakfast buffet, and the 1000 m2 spa and wellness area. The hotel is a 5-minute walk to the center of town. The hotel’s on-site restaurant is open daily for dinner.

Look for accommodation in San Martino di Castrozza.

6. Val di Funes, South Tyrol

Val di Funes is the best place to stay for a romantic getaway.

Santa Maddalena, Val di Funes, Dolomites
Santa Maddalena Panorama Trail

Where is Val di Funes

Val Di Funes/Vilnösstal is located in South Tyrol. The 24-km-long valley runs from Valle Isarco/Eisacktal Valley, just north of Chiusa/Klausen and south of Bressanone/Brixen, to the Odle/Geisler mountain range.

Why Stay in Val di Funes

Iconic Dolomites Scenery

What makes the Dolomites so captivating? For me, it’s the juxtaposition of rugged and polished beauty. It’s the continuous play between the wild and the tame. In Val di Funes, these scenic contrasts are epically pronounced.

The jagged, razor-sharp Odle peaks jut out of rolling green pastures. Tiny stone chapels are dwarfed by mammoth spires. And, intimidating sawtooth peaks form the background of cozy alpine pasture huts.

Charming Alpine Pasture Huts

Alpine Pasture Huts (Baita/Malga in Italian, Alm/Schwaige in German) are huts situated on alpine pastures, surrounded by grazing cows, horses, and sheep. These huts were constructed to provide shelter for the shepherds and herdsmen who managed the livestock during the summer pasture months.

Unlike a Rifugio (mountain shelter), Malgas usually don’t offer overnight lodging. However, they do serve warm food and sometimes fresh dairy (yogurt, cheese, and sour milk), which they produce on-site.

These alpine pasture huts usually prepare their food using homemade products and local ingredients. 

Val di Funes is peppered with these huts. Head to the Zannes/Zans trailhead and hop on the Adolf Munkel Trail or this Rifugio Genova circuit to visit a few.

Quiet Hiking Trails

If you’re seeking quiet trails away from the masses, consider hiking the Oberer Herrensteig and the Günther Messner Steig.

You can follow these paths all the way to Tullen, the highest summit in the Odle d’Eores/Aferer Geisler Group. This is one of our favorite hikes in Puez-Odle and very few people know about it. 

Learn More: How to Visit Val di Funes

Val di Funes Villages

There are three villages in Val di Funes:

Tiso (Teis in German)

S. Pietro (St. Peter in German)

Santa Maddalena (St. Magdalena in German)

Santa Maddalena

Santa Maddalena is located in the upper part of Val di Funes at an elevation of 1339 meters.

From the village, you’ll have easy access to the main attractions of the valley: the Santa Maddalena Church, the Santa Maddalena Panoramic Trail, Church of St. John of Nepomuk (Chiesetta di San Giovanni) in Ranui, and the Zannes/Zans trailhead in Puez-Odle Nature Park.

We recommend staying at:

Budget | Appartements Pension Sonia

Budget | Fallerhof is an active farm and a great-value apartment-style accommodation with stunning views of the Geisler Group. It’s a short walk to the Santa Maddalena Church (5 minutes) and the famous Chiesetta di San Giovanni in Ranui (15 minutes). Breakfast is available upon request.

Midrange | Hotel Fines is a welcoming, 3-star hotel in Santa Maddalena, owned by a young and enthusiastic team. Guests love the rich breakfast buffet, central location, and hotel restaurant. Definitely book half board (breakfast and dinner) here. The DolomitiMobil Card is free for all guests.

Look for accommodation in Santa Maddalena.

Hotel Tyrol, Val di Funes, Dolomites

Hotel Tyrol

4 star hotel in Santa Maddalena

Hotel Tyrol is the finest accommodation in Santa Maddalena, spoiling guests with its perfect location, Odle/Geisler peak views, and delicious food (book half board). 

From the hotel, you can walk to the Santa Maddalena Church in 10 minutes, the Santa Maddalena viewpoint in 20 minutes, and continue along the rewarding Panoramic Trail afterwards. You can also savor the mountain views directly from the hotel garden, or your bedroom balcony (make sure to book a room with a “Geisler Blick”). 

Hotel Tyrol heartily invites guests to slow down and luxuriate in the hotel’s magical surroundings. Relax and read by the pool, soak in the whirlpool, drink an Apéritif on the terrace, and relish the seasonal food. 

Guests receive a complimentary DolomitiMobil Card, which gives you a discount on parking (at the Zannes trailhead) and free use of regional transit.

Book your stay at Hotel Tyrol.

7. Alpe di Siusi, South Tyrol

Alpe di Siusi is the best place to experience sunrise and indulge in gourmet local Tirolean food.

Alpe di Siusi, Seiser Alm, Italy

Where is Alpe di Siusi

Alpe di Siusi (Seiser Alm in German, Mont Sëuc in Ladin) is the largest mountain pasture in Europe, covering a surface area of 56 square kilometers. 

The rolling plateau stretches between the Sassolungo/Langkofel Group and the Sciliar/Schlerf massif, high above Val Gardena valley in South Tyrol.

Why Stay on Alpe di Siusi 

Magical Sunrises 

Experiencing sunrise atop Alpe di Siusi is like stepping into a bewitching realm, where light and shadow perform an eternal dance for each other. 

First, the long ridgeline of Sciliar burns like a red flame, reminding you of the pagan rituals that long transpired atop the Sciliar plateau. Then the sun rays drench the meadows in shades of gold.

The light seems to sanctify everything in its direct path. And finally, the Sassolungo Group transforms slowly into a perfect violet silhouette.  

If you visit Alpe di Siusi in early summer, sunrise is around 5:15 am. Staying on the plateau affords you the ability to experience sunrise with very little effort.

The alternative is to drive to Compaccio/Compatsch in the dark (where you must park) and then to continue on foot towards Sassolungo. 

We relished our early morning walk, knowing that after sunrise, we could walk back to our hotel, Hotel Steger-Dellai, and indulge in a rich breakfast buffet. 

Gourmet Huts 

Alpe di Siusi harbors some of the most gourmet alpine pasture huts in the Dolomites. 

With a few nights on the plateau, you can drink wine at Rauchhütte, eat the hay flower soup (Heublütensuppe) at Gostner Schwaige, taste Tiroelan and Ladin cuisine at Baita Sanon, and visit a dozen more huts scattered across the mountain pasture. 

Follow the Hans and Paula Steger Trail, or the Alpe di Siusi Meadows Circuit Trail to visit these standout alpine pasture huts.

Adventurous hikers can scale the Sciliar massif along the thrilling Rifugio Bolzano – Rifugio Alpe di Tires circuit trail.

Excellent Hotels

Sunrise & Sunset Views | Sporthotel Sonne is the best place to stay if you’re eager to experience dreamy sunrises, where thin veils of mist hover over the rolling pastures, and burning sunsets, where blazing colors mutate from shades of peach and rose to burning hues of crimson and purple. Sporthotel Sonne is a quick walk to the best photography spots on the plateau. In addition to its stellar location, it’s a first-rate modern hotel with a striking wellness area (Sassolungo-facing infinity pool, saunas, relaxation rooms) and an innovative kitchen (breakfast, afternoon cakes, and 5-course dinner are included in the rate). 

Vegetarian Gourmet Cuisine | Paradiso Pure Living Vegetarian Hotel occupies a uniquely central location on Alpe di Siusi, ideal for hiking and skiing. Come here for the excellent, high-quality vegetarian cuisine (breakfast and dinner included in the rate) and idyllic setting. The hotel’s wellness area encompasses a zerobody floating experience, an indoor salt-water swimming pool, outdoor salt-water whirlpool, infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, hay sauna, tea bar and relaxation area.

5-Star Splurge | Alpina Dolomites is a modern 5-star hotel atop Alpe di Siusi, designed with the philosophy ‘Nature, our origin, is also a basic need, like the air we breathe.” Taking in the full sweep of the Sassolungo/Langkofel and Sciliar/Schlern mountains from its divine location, Alpina Dolomites has panoramic mountain views, a contemporary wellness area, and gourmet restaurant. The hotel design is inspired by nature and stitches together a neutral color palette with raw materials. The wellness area comprises a panoramic indoor-outdoor swimming pool, classic Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, saline steam bath, fitness room, and spa.

Look for accommodation on Alpe di Siusi.

Learn More: How to Visit Alpe di Siusi 

Hotel Steger Dellai, Alpe di Siusi, Dolomites

Hotel Steger-Dellai

4 star hotel on Alpe di Siusi

Hotel Steger-Dellai is a traditional hotel on Alpe di Siusi, built by two legendary alpinists: Paula Wiesinger and Hans Steger. 

Though still central, Hotel Steger-Dellai is quietly tucked away from busy Compaccio, where people flood in and out throughout the day. 

From a hiking perspective, this hotel couldn’t be better positioned. It’s situated directly on the Hans and Paula Steger Trail, a family-friendly hike, which leads from Compaccio to Saltria. 

It’s also a great starting place for the long and rewarding Rifugio Bolzano – Rifugio Alpe di Tires loop hike

The best part about staying here is the cuisine (breakfast and dinner) and the professional dining staff. Expect the finest ingredients, sourced from local producers, and the most attentive dining staff in the Dolomites. 

The hotel was last renovated in 2000. 20 years later, it feels like the hotel would need a facelift. All the essentials are there, but the aesthetics are dated.

Book your stay in Hotel Steger-Dellai.

8. Val d’Ega, South Tyrol

Val d’Ega (Eggental) is a great place to stay for via ferrata hikes and journeys into the Rosengarten/Catinaccio and Latemar mountains. 

Vajolet Towers Rosengarten Dolomites
Vajolet Towers

Where is Val d’Ega

Val d’Ega/Eggental is a valley in South Tyrol located between the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs. The valley branches off from Eisacktal at Bolzano and stretches all the way to Val di Fassa. 

Why Stay in Val d’ Ega

A lot of people make a stop at Lake Carezza/Karersee on their Dolomites road trips. Emerald-colored Lago di Carezza is an extremely photogenic lake you’ve definitely seen pictures of.

While this lake might be the initial draw, don’t let it be the last. Stay in Val d’Ega for a few nights to explore the beauty of the Latemar and Rosengarten/Catinaccio mountains.

You’ll find some more ideas in our brief guide to Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park.

Val d’ Ega Villages

There are 7 villages across Eggental:

Nova Levante (Welschnofen in German, Nueva Ladina in Ladin)

Carezza (Karersee in German)

Nova Ponente (Deutschnofen in German)

Collepietra (Steinegg in German)

Sopra Ega (Obereggen in German)

Monte San Pietro (Petersberg in German)

Ega (Eggen in German)

Carezza and Nova Levante

Carezza is a tiny hamlet (blink and you’ll miss it) in Val d’Ega. We stayed at Sporthotel Alpenrose, which is located at the base of the Paolina chairlift, which connects the valley to the Rosengarten range.

With the help of this cableway, you can conquer the Santner Via Ferrata and see the striking Vajolet Towers. You can also start this 3 Day Rosengarten hut to hut hike.

Midrange | Sporthotel Passo Carezza is located at the Passo Carezza (Karerpass) mountain pass. This modern property offers 18 comfortable rooms and suites featuring bold patterns and vibrant colors. Breakfast and spa access are included in the room rate. There’s an on-site snack bar and a few restaurants located nearby.

Budget-Midrange | Haus Herta B&B is a guesthouse with sparkling clean rooms. Guests are treated to a delicious homemade breakfast. 2 nights minimum stay. 

Midrange | Stern B&B & Suite Apartments is a 3-star superior hotel in Nova Levante with a wellness area and indoor pool. Breakfast is included. 

Luxury | Tyrol Living & Cafe is a luxurious aparthotel in Nova Levante with an alpine-modern aesthetic. Guests love the location, new amenities, and on-site café.

More accommodations: Hotel B&B Pardeller (Budget), Hotel Rosengarten (midrange), and Moseralm Dolomiti Spa Resort (luxury)

Look for accommodation in Val d’Ega.

Hotel Alpenrose, Dolomites
Sporthotel Alpenrose

4 star hotel in Carezza

Sporthotel Alpenrose is a hotspot during ski season. In summer, the hotel mellows out and is a great base for hiking and via ferrata climbing. 

Sporthotel Alpenrose is located directly at Paolina chairlift valley station. From the Paolina mountain station, you can hike to Kölner Hütte and then up to the Vajolet Towers. You can also hike to Rifugio Roda di Vaèl (Rotwandhütte) and do the Roda di Vaèl via ferrata. 

And then after a day of hiking, you can relax in Sporthotel Alpenrose’s beautiful wellness area and savor a phenomenal 5-course dinner. I keep daydreaming about gazing at the Latemar peaks whilst lounging in the hotel’s indoor pool room. 

Book a room at Sporthotel Alpenrose.

Dolomites Trip Planning Essentials

Use our Dolomites Travel Guide to plan an unforgettable trip to northeastern Italy.

When to Visit the Dolomites

Winter Season. For skiing and winter activities, the best time to visit is between mid/late December and March.

Summer and Fall Seasons. The best time to road trip and hike in the Dolomites is between mid-June and mid-September. If the weather is stable, the hiking season can easily continue until late October.

How to Get to the Dolomites

Read How to Get to the Dolomites to find out how to travel to the Dolomites from the closest airports, train stations, and bus terminals.

If you’re traveling without a car, also check out How to Visit the Dolomites Without a Car.

Car Rental

The easiest way to travel between hiking destinations in the Italian Dolomites is with your own car. Check out our Dolomites itineraries for tip inspiration:

We recommend using the car rental reservation platform to search for and book car rentals. This easy-to-use booking platform compares car rental deals from 500+ trusted providers, so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

Tip: If you can only drive automatic transmission cars, as opposed to manual transmission cars (stick shift), book your car rental as early as possible.

Check car rental rates here

Best Places to Stay

Figuring out where to stay in the Dolomites is probably the biggest hurdle to planning a trip to the Dolomites. We’ve created three guides to help you decide where to stay:

We suggest choosing 2-4 bases for your Dolomites trip and spending 2-4 nights in each base.

What to See & Do

During your trip to the Dolomites, you can go via ferrata climbing, culinary hiking, hut to hut hiking, cycling, paragliding, and so much more. We’ve highlighted our favorite experiences in Best Things to Do in the Dolomites.

Wherever you decide to stay, you’ll be surrounded by glorious mountain scenery and incredible natural landmarks.

In Best Places to Visit in the Dolomites, we’ve outlined the most iconic attractions as well as lesser-known destinations across the Dolomites, including Alpe di Siusi, Lago di Braies, Prato Piazza, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Lago di Sorapis, Lago Federa, Seceda, and Baita Segantini.

Dolomites Hiking Guides

Hiking in the Dolomites is our passion. Year after year, we love discovering new trails and expanding our knowledge of the area. For day hiking, check out Best Day Hikes in the Dolomites. For trekking, take a look at our guide to Hut to Hut Hiking in the Dolomites and Alta Via 1.

For region-specific hiking trails, check out:

Recommended Hiking Guidebook: Cicerone Guide: Shorter Walks in the Dolomites

Italian Alps Travel and Hiking Guides

Complete Guide to Where to Stay in the Dolomites

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34 thoughts on “Where to Stay in the Dolomites in 2024: 8 Best Areas”

    • Hi Katie,

      What a great article. I am spending 4 nights in the dolomites in July with a friend and we are mostly interested in hiking the best spots. We are planning to start in Venice and finish in Milan with a hire car but I’m finding it difficult to get my head around how to make the most out of the trip. We are from Australia so unlikely to return to this part of the world anytime soon!
      Which towns would you recommend to stay for these 4 nights?
      Thanks so much

      • Hi Zoe,
        I recommend staying in either Val Gardena or Cortina d’Ampezzo for the four nights, or 2-nights in both locations.
        Have a great trip!

  1. Woah, I definitely need to see more of northern Italy, it’s been on the never-ending plans for years! This has given me so many ideas. Definitely going to have to stay in Corvara at the very least!

  2. What a great post! Finding the right place to stay is crucial for the Dolomites as it can be a great base depending if you have a car or not. I stayed just outside of Cortina d’Ampezzo and loved it. The town is so cute and a great place to pick up supplies, and all the hikes I wanted to do were within a 2 hour drive radius. I’d probably stay in that area again when I go back (hopefully soon!)

  3. This is such a beautiful area! I have been wanting to go for several years. I even have a rough itinerary of the places I want to visit and the hikes I want to do. Now, I have a better idea on where to stay.

  4. Awesome post! Haven’t even finished it because I have a, we had planned to stay in Ortisei, but after reading what you wrote about Dorfthotel Beludei – we think it sounds amazing. We will have a car. I see it’s only an 8-minute drive from Ortisei… if we want to get dinner there, could we just do a quick drive over for dinner, coffee, a snack, or whatever? Thanks for your advice!! Xo

    • Hi Rachel & Clark,
      It’s a quick drive to Oritsei from Dorfhotel Beludei. During the high season (July, August, Early September), parking can be a bit tricky. But, there are paid car parks at the Seceda cableways valley station and the Ortisei-Alpe di Siusi gondola valley station. The food at Dorfhotel Beludei will be better than any restaurant food in Ortisei…so you may want to book half board.
      Have a great trip!!

  5. Great guide. Lots of good info. I plan on staying in the Dolomites for two nights after visiting Venice and will fly out of Venice after. What town do you recommend staying in if I only have two nights? I’m looking to do moderate hiking, preferably easy access, and see amazing, picturesque views. Get that full Italian alpine experience. I will have a car. Thanks!

    • Hi Bill,
      With only two nights, I recommend staying in Ortisei. You can divide your time between Alpe di Siusi and Puez-Odle Nature Park (Seceda & the Odle Peaks).
      Or, head to Val di Funes – where you can hike around Santa Maddalena and the Adolf Munkel Trail.
      All the best,

  6. Hi! We are driving up from Venice for 4 nights in the Dolomites as part of our honeymoon in June 2022. Do you think we should stay in Val di Funes all 4 nights, or split it up between two hotels in two areas? We are interested in pretty hikes and spa services, as well as good eating and cute towns. We also have to drive back to Florence on the last day- so we prefer not to spend too many hours in the car that week.

  7. We are planning our first trip to Europe as part of my daughter’s graduation. We are hoping to explore the Dolomites and the northern Italy alpine culture. We’d like to balance time outside hiking, maybe a little climbing/cycling, with exploring the culture (food/drink, history, and the local farms). With it being our first trip abroad we are a little overwhelmed. Your posts have been immensly helpful but we are not sure where to start.

    We are coming mid-June and will likely fly into Venice and rent a car. We are hoping to have 10 days including our travel days. Would you be so kind as to give us some thoughts on which towns and itinerary might be the most practical for a comfortable pace but leaves us feeling like we experienced the region? Thank you so much for considering

  8. Hi – really great guide, appreciate it! We’re leaning towards staying in Alta Badia – only concern we had versus staying in Ortisei, is that since we’ll have a car and won’t have the lifts right in town, will we still be able to park at trailheads typically? Do most trailheads in these areas have parking access, or is it really best to use the lifts?

    • Hi Justin,
      Alta Badia is a great choice. Which town are you staying in? There will always be parking at the cableway valley stations (sometimes free, sometimes paid) and at trailheads. Depending on where you’re going/hiking, you may want to use the local bus system to get to trailheads.
      All the best,

  9. Hello! Your blog is so informative and has been incredibly helpful in my planning. Thank you!

    We are planning to visit the Dolomites for 2 weeks in September, will have a car, and can’t decide on where to base ourselves. Which 2 bases would you recommend for a family of 5, with 3 young children under 6y? We plan to do short easy hikes and visit alpine playgrounds.

    1) Ortisei / Selva – I’m thinking Ortisei will still be a good base even with a car since it’ll be easier to start on hikes with the kids.

    2) Corvara / Colfosco – The dramatic views!!

    3) San Candido – I read on some blogs of Italian moms that highly recommended Pusteria Valley for families with children.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Yix,
      Thanks for reading our Dolomites content.
      I would stay in San Candido (great access to Prags/Braies and Sexten Dolomites) and decide between Ortisei and Corvara/Colfosco for the other week. You can’t go wrong with either choice, and from Val Gardena you can easily visit/hike in Alta Badia and vice versa.
      Have an amazing trip!!

  10. Hi Sabrina,

    This post has been really helpful, thank you!

    I’m planning on spending 4 nights solo traveling in the Dolomites after a day or two in Venice in mid-September.

    I am looking for some great hiking and ability to meet new people. I am having a hard time find availability or good options for solo travelers. Where would you recommend for 4 nights/good places to stay?

    Thank you!
    – Dean

  11. Hello, we’ve been to the Dolomites and stayed at Rosa Alpina twice and have absolutely loved the area and the hiking. We are looking to come back, this time with our twin 4 year olds. We are contemplating staying above Merano in the Boutique hotel Miramonti, but are curious, is this area as beautiful or should we stick to the Alta Badia Region?

    • Hi Natalie,
      Merano is a great place to stay for wine and cycling tourism. It’s surrounded by the Texel Group (Texelgruppe, Gruppo Tessa), which form part of the Ötztal Alps, and the Sarentino Alps (Sarntaler Alpen, Alpi Sarentine. The mountains are beautiful, but they are not part of the Dolomites. Have you considered Cortina d’Ampezzo?
      Best wishes,

  12. Your article is very informative but I am still can’t decide where to base myself for 3 nights in mid Oct this year. Arriving from Innsbruck. Aim is to visit Seceda and San maddalena with public transport. Where would be the best town to stay?

  13. Hi this article has been incredibly helpful I saw above that you said it wasn’t very solo-friendly does that mean not a great social scene or safety-wise? I am a young female solo traveller and I was looking to do around 4 days in the dolomites.

    • Hi Ethney,
      It’s not great for solo-traveling in terms of a vibrant social scene. However, there are many places where people gather (town squares, mountain huts, etc…).
      In terms of safety, many easy-moderate hikes/walks are absolutely suitable for solo adventuring.
      Best wishes,

  14. Hi Sabrina – your articlei is fantastic on the Dolomites! I’ve just mapped out a 6-day trek on the AV1 (thanks to the helpful M&H article) – starting from Lago di Braies and ending at Rif. Staulanza. I’d like to spend a few days based out of and mountain biking in Val Gardena, Val Badia or San Martino di Castrozza, but I can’t figure out the following: 1) how to get our luggage from the trek starting point (either Dobbiaco or Cortina) to one of these towns, and 2) how easy is to use public transit (Dolomiti bus or Cortina Express) to get to Val Gardena (e.g. Selva or Ortisei), or Val Badia (Colfosco), or San Martino from the end of the trek exiting near Rif Staulanza (should we bus it back to Cortina, pick up luggage, then bus it over to Val Gardena etc.). Many thanks in advance for you thoughts!

    • Hi Lotus,
      I would leave your luggage in your hotel in Cortina, before heading to Lago di Braies, and then return to Cortina post-trek. From Cortina, you can take the Cortina Express to Alta Badia. And, if you want to continue to Val Gardena, that’s easy to do with South Tyrol transit.
      All the best,

  15. Hi! Thanks a lot for this info, super inspiring for a trip im trying to plan! Im trying to fit in lake Garda for 3/4 nights and Dolomites for 3/4 nights – I haven’t driven abroad before so am trying to work out whether it’s best to drive or take public transport from lake Garda to a spot in the dolomites. Any advice would be very much welcome! It’s proving difficult to plan the route via public transport online atm. Thank you.

    • Hi Andy,
      We haven’t traveled by transit between Lake Garda and the Dolomites, but it looks like there’s a bus from Affi to Bolzano (2 hours), operated by Curcio Viaggi. From Bolzano, you can take a a direct bus to Ortisei in Val Gardena, which is a great base for seeing Seceda and Alpe di Siusi. A car will probably be the easiest.
      Good luck,

  16. Ciao Sabrina,

    What a great site, well done! I am looking to base out of Val Gardena for a few days and then go to a second location for a few days. I will not have a car and was looking for recommendations of where I can go via public transportation (bus), along with which bus route it is.


  17. Very helpful! My husband and I are heading to the dolomites for 5 days the first week of September. We love long hikes, via ferrata, quaint and quiet towns, and generally do not like the “popular” spots. We love coming back to our hotel for a meal. We visited the Bernese Oberland area and stayed in Murren and loved it. We are looking for a similar experience. We have a car, but do not want to spend hours a day in it. We do not need to hit the popular spots that are drivable, but instead prefer to “work for our views” and avoid lines and crowds. Should we divide our time, or if we picked one home base knowing that we will miss out on some of the highlights on the other side – would you choose Val Gardena or Cortina? Thanks!

    • Hi Mel,
      Val Gardena and Cortina d’Ampezzo are the most popular areas of the Dolomites. Regardless, it is a good idea to divide your time between the Puez-Odle area and the Ampezzo/Braies/Sexten area. If you stay in Val Gardena, stay in Santa Cristina, or Selva. You could also stay in Alta Badia (La Villa, San Cassiano) rather than Val Gardena.

      For visiting Seceda, I think you’d like the Monte Pic-Seceda route.

      If you stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo, definitely check out the Tofana di Rozes circuit trail.

      If you want to see Tre Cime di Lavaredo a “secret way,” consider hiking the Torre dei Scarperi hike.

      If you visit Val di Funes, take a look at the Tullen summit hike, a very quiet peak hike.

      Have an amazing trip!


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